Tell Me A Lie Oh Wait You Did!

Isabella or Issy a regular girl the only differnce is she happened to be dating harry styles and things got a little ugly.


2. see you later

"Hey lovely wanna come to my house tomorrow"

"sure were do you live"

"1717 Kingston road how about at 6:00"

"Ok ill be there at 5:45 im an early one"

"very funny ok see ya then bye"

             Issys P.O.V


He wanted to see me again yayayayayay i was dancing around my room singing

  "Iv never gone with the wind I just let flow shit it is 5:00 gotta get ready.

i went through my closet no no no no no no YES it is perfect i pick a color block dress on it was purple green and blue with a baraded belt to match. I painted my nails purple sparkly nail polish and did my makeup lightly then was off at 5:40 Niall lived 4 mins away. I rang the door bell and walked in it was beautiful i loved his house and every thing about in from the kitchen to the back of the house. I could see almost all of it because it was open concept. we went to the backyard and it perfect lights he had a table set up so we sat down and had dinner it tasted amazing.

So Izzy or should i say Isabell I never heard much about your family w-ee-eell um my mom died last year oh god im starting to cry ohh im so sorry Niall said then he cradled me in him arms and took me to the couch to watch a movie we watch Crasy Stupid Love by my request ,god i love him


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