Unexpected love

Sydney and her friends, Zoey and Melaina have been wanting to go to a One Direction concert for ages, but never got the chance to. Now they are finally getting to go. It so happens that they are staying at the same hotel as One Direction.


3. Concert

I stepped into the room and instantly noticed that both of my best friends had already unpacked all of their stuff, and now they were getting ready for the concert. Right when they heard me walk in, they both ran up to me yelling, "Where were you," "we were so worried something had happened to you!" I just giggled and explained what had happened with Harry, they both just stared at me with awe. Then Melaina said, "Oh my gosh, you're so lucky," "We shouldn't of left you, then we could have met him too!" I instantly remembered how Harry asked for my number and had texted me, so I pulled out my phone, to show them the text from him and tell them how the boys were staying at the same hotel as us. Then I remembered how the concert was soon and told them, "The concert starts soon, and I still have to unpack and get ready, so finish getting ready!" Rushing, I unpacked everything in my suitcase, and still had just enough time to redo my hair and makeup. By the time I was done, Melaina and Zoey were too, so we decided on walking to arena since it wasn't that far away and we had enough time. On the way to the concert, I texted Harry saying, "Hey, it's Sydney, and we're on our way to the concert, we'll be in the first row, so look for us!" After walking and talking for about five minutes, we arrived at the arena. We handed the people our tickets, and headed off to find our seats. As soon as we stepped into the arena we were overwhelmed by thousands of screaming fans. It took almost five minutes for us to find our seats, all the way in the middle of the arena, right in front of the stage. We bought a couple glow sticks and some cotton candy, and divided it between the three of us. After about six minutes of waiting, all of boys ran onto the stage while everyone in the crowd screamed their heads off. I immediately noticed Harry searching the first couple rows, so I waved and started to scream as loud as I could. When he finally noticed me, he winked to me, while giggling and smiling. Zoey, Melaina, and I knew all the lyrics, to all the songs, so we sang and danced along the entire show. I noticed during each song, when Harry was by a boy, he would walk up to them, and point to me, while whispering something in their ears. It made me blush and giggle every time I saw him do it. Zoey and Melaina noticed too, because every time he did it, they would say, "He looking at you again.", causing me to blush redder and giggle louder. Then around the middle of the concert, I got a text from Harry saying,"I see you." I just giggled and responded, "I see you too, Harry." After what felt like only five minutes of pure happiness, the boys started singing What Makes You Beautiful, signaling the end of the show. After the song was finished and the lights on stage were dimming, everyone clapped and screamed even louder. On our way back to the hotel, I got a text from Harry saying, "Get ready, then meet me in the lobby in an hour; I've got a surprise for you." I explained to Zoey and Melaina what Harry has said, and they both agreed that it's alright if I go, they'll just go out for pizza or something. When we arrived in our room, I redid my makeup and hair, and changed into, http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=89096381. When I was halfway done getting ready, Melaina hugged me and said, " Wow Sydney, your dreams are finally coming true, I'm so happy for you!" Then after about an hour, I was finally finished, so I said, "Goodbye." And as I was walking out of the door, Melaina and Zoey both ran up and hugged me from behind, saying, " Wow, you look gorgeous!" and "I'm so happy for you, have fun!" So I said, " Goodbye, thanks!" and walked down to the lobby. 

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