A New World

12 year-old Becky Rubiks is forced to move with her dad she hasn't seen in five years. All the way from Dayton, Ohio to Brazil! Her Mom passed away from a rare blood disease. And even worse, her dad's engaged and has to live with an annoying older brother and a "mom" who doesn't understand anything she's going through. Her dad works at a bird sanctuary and is busy all the time. Becky thought Janice , the "mom" just doesn't like his work with birds, but later thinks she really is only marrying him so she and Jake ( Becky's new "brother") can see all the files and smuggle these rare birds that live in his famous bird sanctuary " Brazil Bird Foundation. But her dad doesn't believe her one bit. Along the way she meets a friend who wants to help Becky find out. Can they find the proof and show Becky's dad the truth?


2. Types of Goodbyes.

"They're are all types of goodbyes." Becky told Lenny, her best friend ,practically sister. Like what? Lenny replied. " Like Garret and I or Alana and I, they're my friends ,sorta and i am going to miss them and all - but they don't really go to my house to hangout or anything, just at school. Then there is the rest of the class who will say goodbye with a nice spitball to the back and some mean remark about the hole in my neck. And I will definitely NOT miss them. Then there is the cute boy crush goodbye. It'll be awkward at school and sad at home when I star crying into my pillow because I'll never know what could have been.  Sam was the only one who didn't make fun of the hole in my neck,except my grandma , my "dad' and you." Becky told Lenny gloomily.  No one should, it doesn't mean he's nice , it just means other people are mean , no one should make fun of you for that,you have no control over it. It also looks pretty cool because it looks like you got battle scars. "Thanks Lenny." "So what about me, what kind of goodbye do I get?'' Oh yeah,you get the goodbye that is the hardest to do, you and my grandma of course, you're the kind that you love so much, they are family they have helped you up when you fell down , knew exactly what was going on , and understood me. Becky started to tear up, but she kept going. You are the one who helped me through everything because we were both different you with a boy name and people calling you poor, me with a hole in my neck calling me Becky no Brain because they say my brain went out my neck hole and that's why I'm so dumb." Now Lenny is starting to cry. The goodbyes you hate for the ones you love. Becky doesn't go on, they just start hugging which seems to go on forever because they both want it to. 

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