Unknown Emily Riddle Year 1

Ok well i got this idea from Voldemort's Granddaughter, Author of the book please don't kill me. Anyways its different in many ways. This is Emily Riddle I think i made it seem like Voldemort had a daughter i don't really know. As you should know tricksters Fred and George, Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Neville are her friends. She seems to be very different from her Voldemort. I hope you enjoy year 1. Thank you for reading if you do! :D


3. Chapter 2

Emily was very excited since they were going to Diagon Alley to collect her supplies for Beaxbatons. It was a very different list and required a selection of ingredients hard to find. Emily and Clarabelle started at Madam Malkin's. When they came in, the woman asked, ''What can I help you with?'' ''We need some school robes.'' ''Oh right over here'' she said walking to some cushioned stools. ''Stand on the stool and I'll have someone measure you.'' The lady walked off and Emily stood waiting. Some boys came in, both were red heads and Emily suspected they were twins. The pair walked where she was and stood on the stools on either side of her. ''Hello I'm George-'' ''and I'm Fred'' ''Um nice to meet you Fred and George. I'm Emily.'' she replied. "So are you excited to go to Hogwarts?'' asked Fred- no George. ''I'm actually going to Beaxbatons.'' ''What a shame. I guess we won't  be seeing each other that often.'' one of the twins said. ''Yeah I guess so. That's going to suck.'' Emily responded a little sadly. One of the ladies came out and started measuring Emily. The lady walked out then came back in with black robes. Emily checked them and it showed the Hogwarts symbol on the left chest. ''Um miss I'm not going to Hogwarts. I'm going to Beaxbatons.'' ''Oh why didn't you say so? Let me get that uniform then.'' said the lady. The lady walked out again and came back with blue uniform. Emily examined this one and noticed it had a knee length skirt that was loose, a blouse that had little ruffles down it, a small shawl, and a small blue hat. Emily thought it was pretty cute. She paid and left Fred and George to get measured.

Emily was going straight to Ollivanders after getting everything else when she ran into someone. ''Oh sorry I'm so accident prone. I should have been looking where I was going.'' Emily apologized. ''Its my fault too. I was gazing at the broomstick.'' the boy she ran into said. ''What's the new broomstick called?'' Emily asked looking into the shop window as well. ''Nimbus  2000'' ''Cool. I got to go though so bye nice meeting you'' Emily said and started to walk away. ''Wait what's your name?'' ''Emily. What's yours?'' ''Harry'' ''Well bye'' ''Bye'' Emily walked into Ollivanders and an old man came into view. ''Hello miss. Need a wand?'' said the man. ''Yes I do.'' ''Which is your wand arm?'' ''My right I believe'' ''Alright'' Measuring tapes started measuring random measurements that didn't make sense to Emily. Ollivander, or the old man, got three wands and told her to give each one a wave. ''This first one is Willow, 8 inch, and dragon string core.'' Emily waved it and...

Nothing happened.

''No I don't think that one is quite right. This second one is Oak, 9 and a half inch, and a unicorn hair core.'' Emily waved this one and...

Nothing happened.

''Hmm this last one is very  different from others. It is two different woods and a rare core. Its Ash and Great White Oak, 9 three quarters, and a Phoenix tear feather core. Emily waved this one and..

An aura of warm blue light shown from the tip of the wand. It felt like acceptance to Emily. She smiled and bought the wand. It was truly exciting.

Emily spent the rest of the day getting her supplies and went home. Exhausted, she quickly went to sleep.

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