Unknown Emily Riddle Year 1

Ok well i got this idea from Voldemort's Granddaughter, Author of the book please don't kill me. Anyways its different in many ways. This is Emily Riddle I think i made it seem like Voldemort had a daughter i don't really know. As you should know tricksters Fred and George, Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Neville are her friends. She seems to be very different from her Voldemort. I hope you enjoy year 1. Thank you for reading if you do! :D


2. Chapter 1

Emily woke up same time everyday, and decided to do her chores now so she had more free time to do whatever she wanted. After she was done, Clarabelle woke up to find breakfast had already been made. ''Emily where are you?'' ''Coming mother!'' Emily shouted from outside, cheerily as usual. Clarabelle saw her daughter run in.

Emily had long blonde hair, chocolate brown eyes, and she was ten years old. Her birthday was coming in a few days and she was excited. She had been told about Beaxbaton's Academy for Girls and wanted to go there but maybe Hogwarts would accept her, she didn't know. If she went to Hogwarts, which house would she get? What about Beaxbaton's though? It was very exciting!

Emily sat down with her mother and they started to eat. Shadow, her black kitten, came strolling in and jumped onto her lap. She wanted milk most of the time when she did this, so Emily got up and fed her.

-----Few Days Later-----

A few days passed and the birthday of 2 different people arrived. Emily received a full set of Potion ingredients, Transfiguration books, a book about Charms to clean your house with, a book of Potions signed the Half Blood Prince, and Defense Against the Dark Arts book of protection spells. Emily quickly went to studying these books when an owl started pecking at the window. Emily opened the window and the owl landed on the kitchen table. Emily then got a mouse from outside and ran back inside. She gave the owl the mouse and it ate it very fast. She then noticed a sort of letter thing on the leg of the owl. Emily untied it and read the letter over and over. The information sunk in.

Emily was going to Beaxbaton's Academy for Girls.

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