What do I do now

Hi my name is Silver lets just say I am in a orphanage I don't really like talking about it. I have a friend named Cindy we both hate one direction so that is probably all we have in common. Then the worst thing ever happened one Liam from one direction was looking a girl around 12-17 and Mrs.Lopez called all girls ages from 12-17 Cindy and I watched all the girls run down stairs on dresses and heels and make-up. Cindy and I burst out laughing I had on a sweatshirt and sweatpants. Will Cindy or Silver get adopted? Will Silver ever tell her story? read and find out P.S. this is my first book so please give it a chance.


12. Jaynell part 1

When I came home from school nobody is home I started talking to my self "I f I could I would call my friends to come over but they are boys but I can sneak them in" I called Luke (14 years old)(L=Luke S=Silver)

L-I say Hello you say Yellow

S-No you say yellow I say Hello

L- What ever Silver What do you want

S-you want to come over none of the adults are here and I am going to ask the rest of the group to come over after you say yeah


S-spend the night

L-What will the fam say

S-I can lie

L-That's my girl see you at 4:30

S-You will be here in 30 mins really

L- Yeah bye


                                                           End of Convo

I go through my contacts and call Chris next surprisingly he answered (Chris 15 years old)  (C=Chris S=Silver)

C-Hello who is this how did you you get this number

S-Okay chill dude it is Silver

C-Oh Silver what do you want

S-Come over I am lonely and I am asking the other guys to come over too

C-What about the Parent"s" and I air quote parents

S-Stop they are not home

C-What can you do


C-okay I'll be there in 10 min.

S-okay bye

                                                                     End of Convo

I said "Gosh I am not going to have enough time to get ready" I logged on to Facebook and some of my friends are on so I instant message them (S-Silver, M-Mason (16 years old),CJ-Carson (17 years old), MK-Malik (18 years old), E-Ethan (19 years old), J-Jonathan (20 years old) A-all the guys) 

S-Hey guys want to come over


S-Not here Chris and Luke are coming and spending the night

A- what if we get caught

S-um I don't know lie


M-Where do we sleep

S-My room

E-Where are going to sleep wait I know your room not possible

S-yeah we can sleep in the same room but only three can sleep in the bed with me so who is it going to be


S- I was thinking Luke,Chris, and Mason

J- Hey that is not fair they are the younger ones


S- We will see when you get here ok bye see you all in 10 to 30 mins 


                                                                  End of Convo

I said "Oh yeah Wesley" (W-Wesley(21 years old) S-Silver)

S-Hello Hello baby you call I can't hear a thing-

W-Shut Up

S-Wow whats up with you

W-My mom is peed

S-what you do

W-She said I am to old to live with her

S-you are 21 years old


S-Listen all the guys are coming and I want you to come over too

W-Will your dads like 10 guys over

S-I can lie 

W-can I bring my baby brother Nick 

S- Yes of course

W-you sound happy about that 

S-No I am happy um my friends are coming over

W-Spending the night

S-You know it see you in 20 



                                                                       End of Convo

I went to take a shower and my phone started ringing I say "Hello" (S-Silver K-Kaleb (22 years old))



K-So you can invite the others over but not me and they are staying over

S-Holy guacamolie Sorry I forgot about you come over

K-It is ok um did you just get out the shower


K-Do you have clothes in there with you 


K-Lol you forgot Wes

S-knows how to pick a lock

K-Lol I will be there at forget it I am around the corner 

S-really I will kill you guys if you are in the house


                                                               End of Convo

I wrap the towel around me and walk out the bathroom I walk in my room but I heard voices and instead of getting dressed I walked downstairs with the towel wrapped tightly around me and I saw all the guys on the couch they all saw me and started whistling my cheeks turned red I said "Really you couldn't wait" Wesley said "why wait when you have a key" I said "Key you picked the lock idiot" Wesley said "Calm down"  I said "stay down here I am going to get dressed " They said "Okay" I got dressed really quick and left my room and saw the guys the guys going to my room I said "really you were going to pick my  lock" Nick said "relax we were not going to to pick the lock" Kaleb said "stop lying Nick" Chris said "Sorry they bought me into this" Mason said "I'm with Chris" I said "Wesley do you want to go home" Wesley said "No" I said "Behave" Luke said "all of us" I said "yeah" Carson said "sorry can't help it" Malik said "Idiots" Ethan said "What did I do" Jonathan said "Can you guys shut up" Wesley said "You shut up" my phone started ringing and I answered it.


Jaynell: Hey Silver

Me:Who is this

Jaynell: Jaynell

Me:Orphanage Jaynell

Jaynell: yeah do you need alcoholic beverages

Me: No how did you get my number

Jaynell: I'm a drug dealer

Me:Oh um I gotta go

Jaynell: Okay bye

                                                                   End of Convo

My phone started ringing and it was Zayn

Z-Um Silver we our on our way home

S-Can you stop by the store


S-No more food

Z-I went shopping yesterday

S-I eat more than Niall


S-I love you bye

                                                                       End of Convo

I looked at the guys and say "Get all the food you want now or you don't eat" They got all the food ran in my room and we heard the door open downstairs I ran down and Zayn said "Silver what happened" Zayn was putting cereal so I hugged him and got his wallet Niall said "Silver put it back" I said "but Niall" Niall said "Zayn Silver took your wallet"  I said "Snitch" I put the wallet down and said "Nialler can I get $10" Niall said "ask Liam" I say "Hi Liam" Liam said "what do you want" I said "Bye Liam" I stand up and go to Zayn I said "Zayn can I borrow $10" Zayn said "go ask Louis or Harry for $10" I said "No Thanks" I walked to Niall's room and opened the door and went in his drawer and pulled out $10 and left I.O.U. I walk out the room and Chris started calling me so I answer

C-We have a problem we all have to pee

S-There is a window


S-One at a time go to the restroom

C-Louis is out in the hallway

S-I am on my way

C-Hurry they will pee in your bed

                                                          End Of Convo

I run upstairs and see Louis on the phone and tears well up in my eyes and I walk to him and said "Um can you go in your room and stay there for an hour please don't hurt me" Louis looked at me and said "Why" I said "Please" a tear came from my eye and he went in his room and locked the door Kaleb went first and 45 minuets later we were all done in the bathroom and in my room I start getting hungry so I said "I am Hungry" Kaleb said "Dang you eat alot for a 13 years old girl"I said "Okay got a problem with it" everyone shook there head no I left the room and I heard Niall call my name so I walk down and Niall said "Money Now" I reach in my pocket gave it to and rolled my eyes and I went upstairs Louis called me in his room and I said "Can you come in the hallway" Louis steps out and said "All you had to do was ask I would have given the money to you,you didn't have to steal Niall's money" I said "Really I left an I.O.U which means I was going to give it back he was being a Jack-" Louis said "Language" I said "I don't care I didn't steal" Louis then started yelling and I started screaming until I felt a sharp pain go through my right cheek  I ran out the room and called Jaynell

Jaynell: Hello 

Me:yeah um how much for the drinks

Jaynell: on the house for a friend

Me:Thanks come over

                                                                 End Of Convo

20 minuets later

my right cheek was swollen and the doorbell rang I ran downstairs and opened the door

(AN Sorry I have to cut this short my head hurts and I have to go to bed school tomorrow and I am still trying to decide if I should start self-harming or not I have to wake up at 5:45 am because my little sister has to go to school and I am thinking about a co-author or early access codes or what ever if you want to comment on this chapter do so and I will answer questions about anything including my self also I would have had this up earlier if I didn't have to go to my sisters house and watch her 6 kids when I was suppose to get my hair did for tomorrow but like I said Comment I will answer some questions in the comments and others in another chapter I love you my little fishes Oh and thanks I love Chicken your the best Love you If there is no questions I will have nothing to do but be on wattpad so questions please it is 9:41 pm here so night  I will be looking at the comments everyday so please don't get angry with me it's school. Like I said love you little fishes oh by the way if you don't like the name give me new names so yeah I will mumble about my day at school but I won't have time to type unless I get up early in the mornings not gone happing but I love you guys any way oh and pic of Jaynell at the bottom  




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