What do I do now

Hi my name is Silver lets just say I am in a orphanage I don't really like talking about it. I have a friend named Cindy we both hate one direction so that is probably all we have in common. Then the worst thing ever happened one Liam from one direction was looking a girl around 12-17 and Mrs.Lopez called all girls ages from 12-17 Cindy and I watched all the girls run down stairs on dresses and heels and make-up. Cindy and I burst out laughing I had on a sweatshirt and sweatpants. Will Cindy or Silver get adopted? Will Silver ever tell her story? read and find out P.S. this is my first book so please give it a chance.


9. I hate you


 Mr.Morgan said " Silver you are getting suspended for 2 weeks" I said "what why" Mr.Morgan said "you got into a fight the first day of school then she ended up going to the hospital you ditched school and you are drunk right now"I said "But" Mr Morgan said "I am calling your father" (L=Louis,M=Mr Morgan) 


M-Yes this is Mr.Morgan the principle of Northwest middle school

L-Can I help you with something

M-Yes um your daughter Silver Tomlison is getting suspended for two weeks


M-She got into a fight,ditched the rest of school,came to school drunk today,That student had to go to the hospital

L-Ok I'll come pick her up


                                                       End of Convo

I leave the office and go to Harry,Niall,Zayn, and Liam's class (they have the same classes) I walk in and whisper in the teachers ear and he let me talk to the boys (They are in the high school part so yeah) I was walking to them and some guys were whistling while I walked I got to the boys and said "I am going home I got suspended" Harry got up and pulled my out the classroom and yelled at me I said "I don't care it's not my fault that I couldn't run and find you guys" Harry slapped me I screamed "I freaking Hate you Harry Styles" I went back in the classroom and told the boys "I am not going to be home when you guys get home" Liam stood up and said "where are you going" I said "away because of Harry" Naill said "you are 13 you aren't leaving the house" I said "Why do you care Louis isn't going to be mad"  I looked at the teacher and and said "sorry for interrupting your class" He laughed and said "it's ok" I look at the boys and said "see you Two weeks from now" They scream "what" and I made my way back to the office and saw an angry Louis standing there. I got in the car and Louis drove us home when we got in he shut the door and grabbed me by my hair and pushed me on the couch I stood up and yelled "What is your problem" Nathan came downstairs and said "What the heck is going on" I said "I Hate you Louis Tomlison" I ran upstairs and he yelled "do not leave your room" I slammed my door shut and locked it I pulled out my phone and decided to text Trent (S=Silver T=Trent)

S-Are you at school

T-Why would I be 

S-Can you come get me

T-Are you at school

S-No suspended for two weeks

T-Your house

S-yeah come around back I got to jump out the window

T-Don't do that you could hurt yourself

S-LOL that's funny I got slapped today and my hair pulled I'll survive

T-I'm here 

                                                           End of Convo

I got my stuff and opened the window I put my foot out and there was a knock on the door I didn't answer I could tell it was Louis as soon as I put my other foot out the window Louis unlocked my door he came in and said "Silver" I looked at him wided eyed and I started to panic so I jumped but I didn't think about how I would land looked down and I was about to land on my back but I did a flip and landed in a squat position and I screamed in pain Trent came and picked me up and grabbed my bags and put them in the car when he put me in my eyes started closing then I heard Trent say Oh My God your losing a lot a blood I got to take you to a hospital then I went unconscious.

                                                            Trent's POV

I started seeing blood coming from her face as I started driving I started panicking so I rushed her to the E.R. and after they cleaned her up she started to wake up she looked at me and said where are we. I said "hospital" she said 'why what happened' I said "you blacked out from lose of blood" The nurse ushered me out of the room and I start to think "am I falling for her No I am a Bad Boy I don't fall for girls like her wow am I really talking to myself" The doctor said "Do you know how to contact her parents" I said "No" The doctor said "well I guess you can sign her out she can leave to day"

        (When we got to my house)

I put her in my bed was about to go sleep on the couch but I heard Silver say "stay with me" but she fell a sleep I look through her bag for her some pajamas and this is what I found  


I was about to dress her but her phone rang I answered it I said (T=Trent L=Louis)


L-Who is this 

T-Um Who are you

L-Silver's dad and you

right then Silver reached for the phone and said "what do you want" I took the phone and said

T-"What do you want"

L-My daughter

T-you will talk to her later I am about to dress her 

L-Why are you going to dress my daughter 

T-because I am helping her take a shower tomorrow

L-Where are your parents 

T-Um does your daughter sleep with a bra on

L-Where is she 

T-I am hangin up now 

                                               End Convo

I got Silver dressed and laid next to her and she said "I hate all of them"

(AN You all did good my little fishes. We have to work on the comments I might type tonight but I am in trouble for staying up past 5:13 am and I had to take my little sister to the bus stop I am a deep sleeper so I didn't wake up until 12:30 pm so yeah see you in the comment box my fishes)


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