What do I do now

Hi my name is Silver lets just say I am in a orphanage I don't really like talking about it. I have a friend named Cindy we both hate one direction so that is probably all we have in common. Then the worst thing ever happened one Liam from one direction was looking a girl around 12-17 and Mrs.Lopez called all girls ages from 12-17 Cindy and I watched all the girls run down stairs on dresses and heels and make-up. Cindy and I burst out laughing I had on a sweatshirt and sweatpants. Will Cindy or Silver get adopted? Will Silver ever tell her story? read and find out P.S. this is my first book so please give it a chance.


10. God help me


I woke up and tried to get up but I fell flat on my face and then I notice my clothes were changed and my bra was off Trent came in asking questions like "are you okay" I said "I am ok um I have a few questions first were is my bra second what happened yesterday and third I am not okay I just fell flat on my face Trent said first it is in the wash with the rest of your clothes Second you got suspended,jumped out a window,went to the hospital and now you are here. I said okay in that case can you help me take a shower

(After the shower because I am lazy)

I said "I told you no peeking" Trent said "sorry you are the one that fell I wasn't suppose to help" I said "you were suppose to hold me up" Trent said "sorry I had to get you clothes didn't I" I said "I had clothes idiot" Trent said "I won't let you out in public looking like that" (my previous outfit)

Trent was about to enter his room when a man said "Trent" Trent said "uh-oh he isn't suppose to be here" Trent sat me on the bed and said "I will be right back put this on" (the outfit)

Trent came back in and I said "I am not wearing this I can pick out something better" Trent got my bags and put them in front of me and said "try" I picked out a black strapless dress

 Trent said "okay you get dressed I am going to wait outside the door" Trent left the room and I was done in a flash Trent said "are you done yet" I said "yeah" Trent said "wow that was quick" I said "I am crippled not slow" We left for the party after that

(After the party)

I snuggle my face in Trent's neck while he locked the front door and was about to go up the stairs his dad said "Trent come here I have to ask you something" Trent walked over and his dad said "who is she" I slightly looked up and saw Trent's dad I snuggled my face more into neck Trent said "um a friend" I lifted my head up and he dropped me I gasped for air and started yelling for him to help me up but him and his dad was in an argument and right when I was about to start to speak in Spanish a lady entered saying I'm home and her gaze landed right on me I lifted me self on the sofa and reached over and grabbed my crunches I went up stairs while everyone was arguing and I got my stuff and headed downstairs  I finally got down the stairs and I looked at them

(Pic of Trent he wears contacts so no one knows he wears glasses) 

(Pic of Trent's dad he had brown hair before he died it)

(Pic of Trent's mom she died it too)

I started to walking to the door when someone bumped in to me I looked up and saw it was one of the boys that was whistling at me the day I got suspended he said Silver Tomlinson right. I rolled my eyes and got my crunches and stood up and got my bags and said "yeah" he said "Hi I'm Peter"

I said "Hi and buh bye"  I left the house and started down the street I stop half way and put my bag on my back and got my phone and called Zayn (Z=Zayn S=Silver)


S-Um Zayn are you um busy

Z-Um yeah I am on a date with perrie

S-um sorry bye


                                                       End of convo

I sighed and started walking home and I stopped and sat on the ground and sat on the ground and put on my daytime braces for my ankle and stood up and carried my crunches and bag and bye now it is 8:45 I started to cry because I didn't know where i was and my ankles started to hurt I saw the house and walked over with tears coming down my face even know I saw the gate was closed so I threw my stuff over the fence and climbed over it more tears was coming and I was basically blind so I felt around for my stuff and once I found it I went to the front door and knocked because I couldn't find the door bell someone answered but it was blurry and dark out side so the person couldn't see me and I couldn't see them I am still crying too and I said "who are you"  the person said "who are you" I recognized the voiced the voice as Niall so I pushed past him in and entered the house and I hugged him he said "what the" I dropped my stuff I am still crying but I go to the fridge and get the Peanut butter Jelly and the loaf of bread and made me 5 sandwiches and put the bread and the jelly in the fridge but kept the peanut butter out so I could eat it I was still crying Niall yelled "guys come here right now" I was still crying and three other guys walked I hear Niall say "who is she she won't lift her head" I turn my head and squint a little and saw Harry walking to me I grabbed my sandwiches and peanut butter and fell on the floor and crawled in a corner and began to cry and I said "I am sorry Harry please don't hit me I swear I didn't do anything" Louis said "Silver" I whimpered and I said "Louis" I bite one of my sandwiches and said Louis please stay away from me and Harry" I said "Liam can you please carry me upstairs" Liam said "Why me" Right then I heard Zayn's shoes and I said "Zayn" Zayn said "Silver sweetie what was that noise in the back ground" I said "I'll tell you in my room um can you carry me please" I crawled to my bag and Zayn picked me and my bag up and carried me up stairs and put me in my room and sat me on my bed I said "um that was my crunches" Zayn said "Crunches" I said "Louis didn't tell you"  Zayn said "Tell me what" I said can you get out I have two jacked up ankles and I don't like Louis or Harry got it"' He left and I changed the brace and fell asleep.

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