Finally Found A Home

This movella is about a girl that has been in different orphanages for 6 years. She's bullied by everyone around her because of how unloved she is. But will it come to a stop when she gets a permanent home? You'll have to find out for yourself.


4. Sleep over

Today was my first day back to school in a week and I was nervous if the guys that had been in the park were gonna be there. There was nothing I could do though, I had to go no matter what. 

I got to school and went to homeroom, the bruise on my jaw was still there but not as big. When I entered homeroom everyone was giving me weird looks and asking where I had been. I went to Math with Ivy and sat next to her and Dustin. The teacher was talking with her back to us and Dustin was mimicking her and stuff and Ivy and I were dying trying to hold in the laughter, we didn't even notice Mrs. Hoag turn around.

"Since something is so funny for you 3, why don't you share it with the rest of us. Dustin, why don't you begin."

"Ugh, well there was someone at the door making faces at us." he said quickly covering up.

(the doors had windows in them) just then a student walked by the door. Mrs. Hoag went out of the classroom and sarted yelling at the kid and it just so happened to be the kid that had punched me.

"Karmas a bitch" I whispered to Ivy and Dustin before Mrs. Hoag came back in and finished the lesson.  We went to our next class, Science, and we had to get into groups of 3 so it was Dustin, Ivy, and I and we started our project on cells. Blech BORINGGGGG...

At the end of the day, Ivy, Lauren, Lucy, Riley, Alexa, Dustin, Zac, James, Colby and Kenzie. We went to my house to hang out and went swimming in the pool cuz it was 85 degrees. Since One Direction is obviously rich there was a water slide and hot tub. We had a blast and one by one people had to go home so now it was Lauren, Zac, Dustin, and I. We were in the hot tub and Zac had his arm around Lauren, they're just the most adorable couple ever and earlier Zac threw Lauren in.

"Are you guys sleeping over cuz its like 10pm already" i said laughing.

"Well I actually have to go now bye Dustin, bye Chrissy, bye babe" he said before leaving.

"So do you two WANT to sleep over?" i said

"Yeah sure" Dustin said

"Why not i'll next my mom, be right back" Lauren said before going up to my room where her phone was and texting her mom.

"You sure Liam and them will be fine with, well, a guy sleeping over?" Dustin asked unsure

"Yeah why not, its not like we're together or anything." I stated

"Well we can be." Dustin offered

"Are you asking me out?" I said

"Um, ya, I am" 

"Sure" I said and Dustin put his arm around me sending shivers through me. 

"lets not tell them for a bit or they won't let my besties both sleep over" i said (them=1d)

"Ok, but lets tell Lauren when she gets back" 

After a bit Lauren came back and told us her parents wanted her to go home soon. So now it was just Dustin and I and we didn't get the chance to tell Lauren when she got back cuz she was in a hurry to get home. 

"Lets go inside its getting cold out and I still haven't told Liam you're sleeping over." we went inside to find the boys playing FIFA. They loved that game. 

"Hey Liam can Dustin sleep over?" i asked Liam

"Not tonight" he replied

"But Liam-i said not tonight" he said cutting me off

"Zayn? Louis? Harry? Niall? Help me out here"

"Lyyuuuuummmmmmm let him stay and play FIFA with us" Niall said because Dustin was now playing and kicking butt.

"Come on mate its not like they're gonna do the nasty or something" Zayn reasoned with Liam

"Fine, he can stay" Liam finally said

"Yay! thanks guys. Im going to get ready for bed be back in a bit." then i left to go shower and change into my PJs. When i came back down Harry, Liam and Niall had gone to bed, and it was Dustin, Zayn, and Louis. I sat on the recliner and layer back watching them play FIFA. BORING. after a bit i fell asleep there and was woken up by Zayn telling me to go to bed. I went up and Dustin followed, there was a smaller bed set up in my room for Dustin thanks to Liam. Dustin and I watched some TV lying down on my bed for a bit and we eventually were cuddling. 

"Oh my god its already 1am" Dustin said surprised

"Jeez, goodnight." i said

"Can i cuddle you tonight?" Dustin asked

"I guess" i said before getting under the covers. we spent a while talking and telling each other secrets and stuff, eventually the question i had been avoiding came up.

"If you don't mind me asking. Where are your real parents?"

"Dead" I mumbled with tears rushing to my eyes i turned so i was looking at the ceiling.

"o my god I'm so sorry, do you want to talk about it?" he asked worriedly

"I don't know, its kind of simple." i said

"What do you mean by simple?"

"it was my fault"

"I doubt it." dustin said trying to make me feel better

I told him the whole story after that.

I'm so excited I thought to myself as I got ready for today. Its my birthday and I'm turning 8 today. I finished getting ready and went downstairs for breakfast. Thats weird normally, theres delicious chocolate chip pancakes ready. I wonder where my Mum and Dad are same with my brother Tony. I searched the house and when I went into the living room i saw my Dad hanging with a rope around his neck dead, and my mom crying reading a note, she pulled out a gun and was about to shoot herself when she saw me, but she looked at me angrily as if it was my fault that Dad was dead, and shot me. I fell to the ground seeing the blood come from my shoulder. I could've pretended I was dead but I ran and hid. She eventually gave up on looking for me, I was in the drier careful not to turn it on. I could see my Mum but she couldn't see me, she put the gun to her head and you know what happened next. I crawled out of the drier with the little energy I had left and took the phone we had in the basement and dialed, 9-1-1 and I heard the operator asking questions like what was wrong and who i was but i used all of my energy to whisper HELP before I blacked out.

"Well you were little it couldn't have had anything to do with you, I mean you got adopted by celebrities."

"After i had been separated from my brother, and adopted and sent back 13 times, theres obviously something wrong with me"

"No you're perfect." Dustin said

"Never lie to my"- then Dustin cut me off by kissing me. I felt butterflies in my stomach, no elephants, it was amazing, and my first kiss ever.

"Goodnight" he said

"Night" then i fell asleep in his arms.

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