Finally Found A Home

This movella is about a girl that has been in different orphanages for 6 years. She's bullied by everyone around her because of how unloved she is. But will it come to a stop when she gets a permanent home? You'll have to find out for yourself.


5. Joke Taken Seriously

I woke up in Dustins arms. He was still sleeping so I decided to wake him up. I started kissing him until he mustve woken up because he started kissing back. When we broke apart we sat there talking and eventually it was official that we were boyfriend and girlfriend. We got up and went downstairs and had some bacon and waffles that Harry was making. As we ate Niall ran down and ate the rest of the food, he ate like 8 waffles and a whole thing of bacon!

"What?!?" he asked with a mouthful of food.

"How are you not fat again?" I asked

"Well if you do enough sit ups you can eat and have these." he said while pulling up his shirt and revealing his abs.

"EW put away your rolls!!!!!" I screamed. When we were done eating it was time for Dustin to go home so he hugged me goodbye and his mom picked him up.

I was walking into the living room when Louis stopped me.

"OH  you SOOOOOOOOO have a crush on him." he sassed

"Do not!" I lied

"Don't you lie to me guuuuurl." He continued

"Ok fine."

"So whens your first date? Are you too a couple yet? HUH? HUH? HUH?"

"Um well next friday were going to the carnival and we ARE a couple now. But you can't tell anyone, especially Liam, he'll freak." I told him

"He's going to be furious when he finds out though." Louis said and shook his head

"How mad?" I nervously asked.

"He's gonna try to Kiiiiiiiiiiillllllllll you guurl" He joked. but I thought he was serious, I thought he would get a gun, I froze, with tears brimming my eyes.

"Im kidding! Are you alright?!" 


suddenly she fainted and luckily I bought her.

"Guys! Get in the car! Bring us to the hospital! QUICKLY!" I screamed

we got to the hospital quickly and they rushed her to a room.

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