Finally Found A Home

This movella is about a girl that has been in different orphanages for 6 years. She's bullied by everyone around her because of how unloved she is. But will it come to a stop when she gets a permanent home? You'll have to find out for yourself.


3. First Day of School

Todays my first day of school and I haven't been to an actual school in forever, normally we just have a teacher come to the orphanage and teach us stuff we should learn in our grade. I was now in 9th grade, yep high school, and i didn't know anyone.

I got dressed in my new clothes from my closet. An orange lace shirt with a white undershirt, jean shorts, some alex and ani bangles i found in the vanity drawers, and my hair in a messy bun with some mascara and eyeliner. I had to admit i did look pretty good.

I went downstairs and ate the chocolate chip pancakes i found in the kitchen waiting for me and even though it reminded me of the day my parents died i still sucked it up and enjoyed them.

I got to school and went inside and found the office i asked for my timetable and went to homeroom. I sat quietly as every talked and every now and then i would hear them say something about the new girl, me. A girl walked in with dirty blonde hair and bright blue eyes, sat next to me and started talking to me though.

"Hey. Im Ivy." She said

"Hi. Im Christina but call me Chrissy" I replied

"So you're new here, have you seen any cute guys?" She asked and from that moment I knew i had just made my first best friend since i was 8.

"Haha Not really. Have you?"

" Ya but were just friends and i don't wanna ruin that"  Ivy said

"Ya i can understand that"

The bell rang and i was off to my first class, math. I like math so thats ok, Ivy had the same classes as me too.

After the teacher started the lesson, a HOT and i mean hot boy came in.

"Sorry Im late Mrs. Hoag." He said

"Thats fine now give me your late slip and head to your seat" she replied

He walked to his seat and mustve caught me staring because he winked at me.


After some classes it was lunch time. "OMG can you believe that Dustin the most popular and hot guy and school winked at you! He sooo likes you." Ivy kept telling me but I kept denying it because, who would like me like that.

At lunch Ivy and I sat with some other girls named Lucy, Lauren, Riley, Alexa, and Kenzie. Lauren's boyfriend Zac came and sat with us bringing James and Colby along. Lucy definitly liked Colby and i am now determined to get the together. Lauren and Zac are an adorable couple though. 

I walked home from school and on my way I met up with Lauren who was of course walking with Zac and his friends. When I got to my house they didn't believe it was mine until I went inside and showed them around, they also met Louis who assumed that I was dating Colby and James at the same time, weirdo.

"I can't believe you're dating 2 boys, if you're gonna be a slut you cannot be in this house missy." Louis joked

"Yeah cuz I'm dating THEM." I laughed (sarcasm) "well were going to the park" I told Louis before we all went to the park.

Once we got there we swung on the swings until we saw a bunch of boys coming towards us looking like trouble. 

"Hey Zac, still going for the slut?" One of them said (slut=Lauren)

"Excuse me?" I said butting in after they kept bickering and he pointed to Ivy and called her a slut again.

"Hey you got 2 bitches, good job Zac!" Another of them said

"Out of all the things I am, Im NOT a bitch. but now that you asked for one, you got it." I said before walking up to him and kicking him where it hurts "Oopsies" I said.

"Why don't you guys go and bug someone else" Lauren said

"Because you bitches are the most fun" The 3rd boy said

Now Zac had had enough, he lunged towards him and pushed him over, leaving him on the ground. The the other guy threw a punch at him but since i was holding Zac back, he missed and hit me in the jaw. I fell to the ground whacking my head on the hard ground. Colby and James got pissed at that and the boys threw the trouble makers to the ground easily. Then I saw Dustin running towards the guy that punched me.

"What did you do?" He asked furiously

"That bitch interfered with my punch to Zac" He kicked me in the stomach when he said bitch.

"BACK OFF! You're hitting girls now too?!?" The trouble makers left and then Dustin came over to me and saw my face that was bleeding and swollen. "Shit" he said while helping me up. I could barely walk, and when I did it hurt my stomach where I was kicked. He could see the pain in my eyes and decided to carry me home with the others, my house was the farthest so everyone split up except Dustin and I because otherwise I would probably fall over if I walked without support. When I got to my house Dustin knocked on the door and Zayn opened it.

"What the hell happened?!!!" He screamed at Dustin. "LIAM! You're gonna want to see this!"

Liam and the rest of One Direction rushed over and I saw Liams jaw drop when he saw me.

"Did you did this to her?" Harry accused Dustin.

"No sir, definitely not." Dustin replied

Zayn and Liam took me out of Dustins hands.

"Well who did?" Harry said angrily

"Some of the Sophmore boys from our school"

"Thanks for bringing her back" Liam said

"No problem" Dustin said "Bye" Then Dustin left to go home.

They brought me to my room and called over a doctor that patched me up, but I wouldn't be abe to go to school for the rest of the week.

My friends stopped over every other day to see how I was doing, and Dustin came every day and hung out for a while. Louis hard bought me an iPhone as a get well present and Dustin and i kept texting now. He quickly became my best friend.

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