Finally Found A Home

This movella is about a girl that has been in different orphanages for 6 years. She's bullied by everyone around her because of how unloved she is. But will it come to a stop when she gets a permanent home? You'll have to find out for yourself.


2. A Happy Birthday After All

The next morning Cheryl who's in charge of this orphanage woke me up and had me pack my bags, great lets make it 14 times I'm going to be adopted and sent back. I got a ride to my new home, it was huge. It looked like a house from a magazine. I knocked on the door ad heard someone yell COME IN!!! WE'RE IN THE KITCHEN! after some searching I found the kitchen only to see One Direction, was this some sort of sick joke or did One Direction adopt me?

"Christina!" Liam greeted me with a big hug.

"Did you adopt me?" I asked him confused.

"Of course, I said I'd see you soon didn't I" Liam said

"Ya but why me instead of one of the others brats? Sorry, but they're all brats"

"Cuz they're 'brats' and your not" Liam said "Boys meet Christina, Christina this is Louis, Zayn, Harry, and Niall"

"Hi, you can call me Chrissy though" I said shyly.

"Tell us about yourself, Chrissy!!!" Louis screamed excitedly.

"Um, Idk. I have a brother, Tony. Ive been adopted and sent back to an orphanage 13 times. Ive always wanted a hamster. And i don't do sports because orphanages are crap" I stated. They started laughing when i said the last part except Liam who got mad at for me language.

"Excuse me young lady but we don't use that kind of language in this house" Louis mimicked Liam in his sassy tone.

"Anyways you should go get unpacked and stuff cuz you have school tomorrow" Zayn said laughing at the fact that I have to go to school.

"K" I said before Harry and Niall showed me to my new room that was a light purple with whit wines painted on the walls. It had a huge bed an awesome walk in closet FULL of amazing clothes that happened to be my size and my style. After I unpacked I took a shower and headed to bed. The bed was so much comfier tan the rock hard beds at all of the orphanages and my past "homes". I almost instantly fell asleep. But before I did the boys came in and gave me cake and sang happy birthday to me.

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