Just You And Harry In Hawaii - Harry Styles Imagine

You and Harry are spending some time at his beach house in Hawaii. You guys have some really fun, cute and affectionate times. See what you and harry do at the beach house! a Harry Styles imagine.


1. Just You And Harry In Hawaii - Harry Styles Imagine


Just You And Harry In Hawaii - Harry Styles Imagine:


You and Harry were at the beach house of his parents in Hawaii. You are currently staying there for two weeks of the summer, its only you and him. You wake up on your and Harry's bed, you realize that your face was buried in his chest, your legs entangled under the sheets and he had a protective hand wrapped around you, pulling you close. You wonder how your going to get up without waking him. First you untangle your legs from his carefully, and now all you have to do is to try to escape his grip. As you are trying to figure out a plan to escape without him waking up, you feel his chest vibrate, as if he were laughing. You look up at his face and realize he's already awake, he's looking down at you with an amused expression, playful smile and he was chuckling. You give him a questioning look.


"What?" you ask him.


"Good morning to you to." He says cheekily


"Sorry, good morning! Now… What?!" you ask, a bit annoyed.


"It was just funny watching you trying to escape my grip without me waking up, and that thinking face you put on when your thinking of a plan is just so cute and amusing." He says with a chuckle. You glare at him.


"Wait, so you were awake this whole time, and you didn’t bother to say anything?" you ask a bit angry.


"I just wanted to see how you would react, when you saw the position we were in, and see how you would try to escape, plus you looked really cute sleeping! I have the picture to prove it." Harry casually says.


"Harry!! Why did you take a picture of me while I'm  sleeping? I look awful when I sleep."


"What are you talking about love? You look so beautiful and peaceful asleep, here take a look." He takes his phone from the side table and shows you a picture of you sleeping on twitter with the caption 'my beautiful girl sleeping. Doesn’t she look like an angel?' you blush, he called you HIS girl and an angel, that’s so sweet of him.


"Aww, Haz, that’s so sweet, but your overreacting, I'm no where close to looking like an angel." You say looking down. Harry puts two fingers underneath your chin and lifts your head up so your looking him in the eyes.


"Your right, you look no where close to an angel, your much more beautiful than an angel, you’re my (Y/N), the goddess of beauty." He smiles, you smile back at him and kiss his lips.


"Lets get out of bed and start the day, I don’t want to be stuck in bed all day." You say.


"Sure love, do you want to go downstairs and get ourselves some breakfast?" Harry suggests. You nod your head and he leads you downstairs to the kitchen. You sit on one of the barstools by the island.


"What do you want for breakfast? I'll cook if you want." Harry offers.


"Hmm, Well I'm craving oatmeal, as well as some eggs and bacon, I don’t know what to choose, their just both so good, and I'm really hungry. What do you suggest chef?" you ask. He chuckles.


"Your starting to sound like Niall now. Well, I'm  craving eggs and bacon, so how about I make some eggs and bacon for the 2 of us and also make you some oatmeal, so you can satisfy both your cravings, sounds good?"


"That sounds great chef Harry!" you exclaim. Harry starts cooking your breakfast, while you watch him work his magic in the kitchen. When he's done, he sets down a bowl of oatmeal in front of you, and a plate of scrambled eggs and a plate of bacon in the middle of the counter top. You start eating, and finish the oatmeal in no time, then you grab a plate full of eggs and bacon, and start eating those as well. When your done eating you realize Harry staring at you with wide eyes.


"What?" you ask puzzled


"I've never seen a girl eat that much food in so little time. You spend WAY to much time with Niall." He chuckles.


"Well can you blame me? Niall's my best friend, I spend lots of time with him and his eating habits are contagious." You smile. He just laughs and finishes his food. When you are both done eating, you and Harry wash the dishes. You were about to rinse a soapy dish, when you turn on the water, you turn it on a little too strong and a big splash of water covers Harry's shirt and face. You laugh so hard you almost cry, and Harry just stands there looking shocked.


"Oh, I'm  so sorry Harry! That was an accident! I'm Honest!" you try to tell him but then you feel water come in contact with your face, and you realize that Harry had thrown a cup of water at you. Your mouth forms a perfect 'O' as Harry just stands there laughing at you, nearly peeing his pants.


"Yeah, and that was an accident too." Harry says cheekily.


"Oh, its ON Styles! Your going DOWN!" and with those words the two of you start a full on water fight. First you just spray and splash water on each other, then you throw foamy bubbles of soap, then you start throwing food from the fridge. By the time the food/water/soap fight ends, you both are covered head to toe with food, foamy soap and are soaked with water. You two actually look really funny that you take a picture and post it on twitter, with the caption 'gotta love our water/soap/food fights, we always get a great makeover out of it.'


"Maybe we should take a shower, I feel so sticky with this egg all over me." You suggest


"Ok, who gets to go first? I WANNA GO FIRST!!"


"No fair!! I want to go first! Ladies first! Remember Haz?!"


"Or maybe we can go in the shower together, that way we'll both get to go first!" Harry winks with a seductive look on his face.


"Eww! Gross Haz! We are NOT taking a shower together!" you exclaim.


Harry pouts, "Fine then who's going first?"


You both look at each other, probably thinking the same thing, then you both dash for the stairs, trying to push each other behind to get to the shower first. In the end, you win and you can hear Harry's screaming 'NO FAIR!' as he pounds on the door. You chuckle "I WIN! I TOLD YOU LADIES ALWAYS GO FIRST!" you scream. "But then again Haz, maybe you can go first." You joke.


"HEY! I'm  not a girl!" he screams back. You laugh and get in the shower, scrubbing off everything Harry has put on you. When your done, you wrap yourself in a towel and exit the bathroom. You check if the coast is clear first, then silently tiptoe to your room so Harry doesn’t see you in nothing but a towel. You were halfway to your room, when you hear, "You look good in a towel." You turn around and see Harry there smirking at you wiggling his eyebrows.


"Haz! Where did you come from? Ugh, never mind, stop being so perverted! Get in the shower now, its free." You turn back around and rush into your room before Harry can try anything. You pick out a loose top, with one side falling off your shoulder, and short jean shorts. You put your hair into a side braid and wait for Harry.


Its been 20 minutes! What in the world is taking that boy so long?! You think. You walk to the bathroom, and was about to knock on the bathroom door when you hear singing.


"Nothings fine I'm  TORN! I'm  all out of faith, this is how I feel, I'm  cold and I'm  ashamed lying naked on the floor, illusion never changed, into something real, I'm  wide awake and I can see the perfect sky is TORN, you’re a little late, I'm  already TORN!!" Harry screams rather than sings. You giggle and start recording his singing session in the washroom. He does a mash up of  'Torn', 'Only Girl In The World', 'Forever Young', and 'Teenage Dirtbag' it was absolutely hilarious! You silently and slowly open the door of the washroom. You peek your head in, and see that Harry is still in the shower. The washroom is steamed up from the hot water coming from Harry's shower mixed in with the cool air of the washroom, and there's a lingering smell of Harry's shampoo and body wash. You spot Harry's clothes on the sink and his towel on the towel rack, then a thought struck you, and an evil smile appears on your face. You take his clothes and the towel, then on the steamed up washroom mirror, you write: 'What's missing?  -Love your beautiful girlfriend.' You chuckle evilly at your evil scheme, and sneak out the washroom before Harry can finish his shower. You run back to your room and close your door behind you. You stash Harry's clothes in your secret box underneath your bed, the towel underneath your bed sheets, and grab your video camera to record how Harry will react when he finds out. You also Skype the other boys of 1D, and tell them to stay on and watch the fun. You wait a little while, until you hear the shower turn off. You quickly turn on your video camera, knowing that the funs about to start. You hit record on the video camera and wait for some kind of reaction from Harry, then you hear an angry scream.


"(Y/N) WHERE IN THE WORLD DID YOU PUT MY TOWEL AND CLOTHES??!!!" Harry screams. You giggle, and all the boys chuckle. You face the video and Skype camera towards your door, knowing that’s where Harry's going to come in from. I wonder what he'll have to cover up his… well, you know.


"I don’t know Haz, your going to have catch me in order for me to tell you where it is, but in order to do that… your going to have to come out of the washroom." You yell back with a chuckle. You hear a loud groan and the washroom door open. Is he actually coming out? I wonder what he has to cover up his 'area'. Your door starts to open, and behind it, you see Harry. He has the shower curtain (your shower curtain) covering up his body. He is covering up his body the girl way, where it covers up his chest. It’s a hilarious sight because the shower curtain pattern is hearts and flowers. You start laughing hysterically and so does all of the other boys on the Skype video call, Harry's cheeks go red, noticing there were more people witnessing this than just you.


"That's a great outfit on you Haz, suits you real well." Louis comments, still laughing hysterically.


"Got to give you props on this one (Y/N), way to make your boyfriend publicly embarrassed!" Niall congratulates you, laughing hard.


"Hahaha! Thanks, it is what I do best!" you giggle.


"Ha. Ha. Ha. Very funny. Where's my clothes and towel?" Harry asks. You smile at him, and he sighs. Knowing this will come with a price. "Ok, what will it take to get my clothes and towel back?" he asks. You rub your chin and think.


"Hmmm…. I think, I want… a proper dinner-" you start to say. But are then cut off by Harry.


"Ok deal!" Harry agrees eagerly. You shake your head.


"Nope, that wasn’t the WHOLE deal, I was just getting started. I want a proper dinner, a new outfit, and a surprise date" you tell him with a smile. He stares at you mouth agape and wide eyed. You cross your arms and smirk at him, knowing he just got completely ripped off.


"I'm giving you all that?! Just to get my clothes back?" he asks shocked. You nod your head and give him an 'mhm'. He considers it, then sighs and finally agrees.


"Fine." He sighs, but then adds. "But, you have to give me a kiss." You raise an eyebrow at him, and he just smirks at you. You shake your head and roll your eyes, typical Harry. You agree, and give him his clothes and towel back. He starts to remove the shower curtain from around his body, you stop him startled.


"What in the world do you think your doing?!" you ask shocked.

"Uh… dressing up, what does it look like?" he asks like its no big deal that he's undressing right in front of you. You shake your head and roll your eyes, then you turn around and cover your eyes not wanting to see him naked. When he's done you turn back around and see him smiling at you.


"I think I'd like to cash in my part of the deal now." He says with a cheeky smile.


"I already gave you your clothes." You tell him. He shakes his head.


"No the other part of the deal." He winks. Oh! That part of the deal. He laughs as your face shows realization. Then you put your hands on your hips and huff.


"Fine, if I have to…" you say like you really don’t want to do it. He chuckles.


"Oh don’t act like that, I know inside your jumping for joy." He comes closer to you and puts his hands on the small of your back, pulling you closer to him. You place your hands on his shoulders as he leans in. You lean in as well until you feel his lips press against yours. You thought it was going to be one simple peck, but Harry had something different in mind. He continued to kiss you, as if this were the only time he will ever get to kiss you. You wrapped your arms around his neck pulling him closer to you, as his grip around your hips tightened a bit. You two continued to kiss, not planning on stopping, that is, until you hear a groan and then.


"Ugh!! You guys! You do know we are right here watching the whole thing right? Go get a room!" Louis screams, ruining the perfect moment. The two of you break away, a bit out of breath and then the both of you death glare the boys.


"Thanks for ruining a perfectly good moment Lou!" Harry exclaims a bit angry.


"Were not the ones making out in front of people." Louis defends himself.


"To be fair, we forgot you guys were even here." You tell them.


"Ok whatever, were going to go now before things get… heated." Liam says looking so desperate to end the video chat. You laugh at him.


"Fine, fine. We weren’t even planning on going there anyway." You tell him.


"Aw, we weren’t?" Harry asks, completely disappointed. You look at him surprised.


"Uh, no we weren’t Haz."


"You mean, we're not… while they're here?" he asks with a hopeful look in his eyes. You sigh and shake your head.


"No, not at all." You tell him. He pouts and gives you a puppy dog face. It’s the most adorable thing ever! But you still shake your head.

"Nuh-uh, not working on me." He crosses his arms stubbornly, like a little kid. And you laugh at him.


"Ok… yeah… were going now." Niall interrupts awkwardly. You focus your attention back on the computer, remembering their still there. You wave goodbye to them, and they wave back smiling and shouting goodbye's, then the computer screen goes black. You turn your attention back to Harry, and see he's still the same, arms crossed stubbornly like a little kid. You laugh, and pull his arm towards the door.


"Haha, oh come on hazzyboo!" he smiles at the nickname you give him, and lets you drag him downstairs. Once you get downstairs, Harry lets go of your hand, then scoops you up and carries you bridal style out the door.


"Ahh!! Harry, where are you taking me?" you ask whilst laughing. Harry laughs too, and you feel the vibration of his chest.


"You'll see." He says with a wink. He carries you outside the house then sprints down the path that leads to the backyard. Why is he taking you to the backyard? What is back there? Then you remember… we have a pool. You arrive at the backyard, and Harry carries you too the pool. You look up at Harry with wide eyes, and he just smirks at you.


"You wouldn’t." you tell him sternly.


"Oh I think we both know I would."  He chuckles and winks at you. Then the next thing you know, your flying in the air, and you land in the pool with a big splash. You sink down to the bottom, then you paddle up and surface to the top. Harry canon balls into the pool and lands beside you with a big splash that covers you face with water. He surfaces to the top, and all his hair is covering his face. You laugh as he goes back under and pulls his hair back, then resurfaces. When he resurfaces, you playfully splash him.


"Ugh!! Haz, you got my clothes wet! I could've changed, then you could throw me into the pool." You exclaim trying to sound angry, but totally fail because you end up laughing.


"I know but it was more fun this way." He says with a smile. You smile back and swim closer to him, he opens his arms, you swim into them, and he wraps his arms around you. You smile up at him and kiss his lips.


"I love you Haz, thanks for this vacation." You sincerely tell him, with a loving look in your eye.


"I love you too (Y/N) and your very welcome."


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