5 Seconds Of Love In That Direction



1. The Start

Beau P.O.V


I click 'upload' button again and watched as the bar went from 3% to 95%.The videos were our covers of 5 Seconds Of Summer- Heartbreak Girl and One Direction- Magic.I have to tell ya that they where pretty amazing. "Uploaded Chickahs" I told Haighley and Halley. They were so excited that started jumping and screaming. "OMG Beau what if they actually saw our covers I AM ABOUT TO DIE!" She says while waving her hands in the air then falling on her bed like she has just been shot. "Are you serious they won't notice us there are millions of girls doing covers too." I roll my eyes at her. "But Beauu just imagine us with 5 Seconds Of Summer and One Direction! AHHH!" She starts doing her feels dance ( Yeah It's Strange) she start running and waving her arms in the air. "I'm just going to let you dream I'm about to go and pick up Adela anyone wants to come?" I say picking up my keys. "I will because Haighley is scaring me." Halley comes closer to the door putting on her sandals. "Awww you guys PLEAWSE DON'T LEAVE ME!" "Ok but Hurry up Haighley ill be late." With that we get out of my house (yeah I'm 16 and I have a house well it turns out that my parents are ALWAYS on business trips so yeah.) it's really hot out here what would you expect from California I mean really! I start the engine and we head off and like always Halley turns on the radio. We finally pick up Adela from her house she was busy working she is the oldest. "Hey Adelaide Vas Up!" Haighley says. "You are such a freak you need mentally help." She says laughing. I was flipping through some stations when all of a sudden 5SOS's song "Try Hard" is on. "She's dropping out of school cause she didn't need the grades" We all sing happily. After the song ended the radio person starts saying "Alright since we have many 5SOS fans out there we are giving away tickets plus a four night stay at one of the finest hotels and plus to a meet and greet with 5SOS + 1D backstage.ill give you more details after the break" "OMG BEAU HALLEY ADELA SOMEONE PINCK ME I MUST BE DREAMING! AHHHH! THA FEELS!!!!" She says leaning by my seat "Dang Haighley THAT WAS MY EAR!" I say covering my ear. "Sorry but i we really do meet them as of 5SOS and 1D that's like 1/4 of my bucket list." She says with a hand over heart. "Yeah like the rest in to kiss every one of 5SOS and 1D am I right and meet Austin Mahone and Cody Simpson." Halley says to her "Ummmm you Stalker! How did you know" Haighley says giving a confused look "lets say a little birdy told me." Adela says "Ok we are back all you have to do is sign up on our page www.weridradiowebsite.com The one with that describes most passionately why they want to meet and stay in Los Angeles with 5SOS and 1D will win hurry up the gates are closing you have until tomorrow morning and we will be announcing the winner Tomorrow at 12pm and now a very requested song 5SOS's Heartbreak Girl!" 'You call me up, It's like a broken record Saying that your heart hurts Thought you'd never get over him getting over you' "Girls I think we should actually try this." I say because I really do want to meet my idols. "WOW you actually surprise me you are usually Pessimistic about any opportunity we have." Adela say to me "Lets just try I mean we can at least say we tried come one Seconds Of Love" (there group name) "Hold you tight straight through the daylight," I tap to the drums I mean Ashton is just THE FEELS! I actually like everyone I can't decide. We get to my house its barely 8:30 so when we get to the door the girls run up to my laptop. You can tell I love 5SOS and 1D because I have stickers of them on my laptop. We quickly get on the website. Once we are there Halley, Adela, Haighley and I all have time to write a few sentences which looks more like paragraphs to me. Well lets hope we can meet our idols. We start to watch videos of the guys (1D+5SOS) on my Flatscreen. I'm the only on that eats popcorn during anything because I absolutely love food! Well I can't wait for Tomorrow.

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