Dark Minds

October 17th 1948, Catalina House
I can feel it, him. He’s coming. My heart beats out of control, my mind. Dazed and confused. Cold. Cold. An ominous draft enters the room. Please, whoever this is, I beg. Remember this! Stay away from ‘him.’ Or D...


2. Part 2 – Spirits

After completing my room, I lie on my bed, drunk with fatigue. All I can think about is moving. Moving. Moving. Moving. The word penetrates my mind. Why? Why did we have to move away from such a glorified metropolis, to such a desolated area. As I slowly close my eyes, a faint chanting caught my ears.

‘Dark minds, such times, you shall see it all,

Dark minds , sad times, I shall say no more,

Dark minds, dead times, everything will fall’


I suddenly leap from my bed, my eyes tracing the room for this disturbing noise. However, I catch sight of a small, yet intimidating shadow, swiftly moving across the room. Horror was revealed. The venomous demon released its dark rays across the floorboard. The tenebrous blood suddenly revealed a young girl. Yet this girl, was not harmless, without innocence. Hell. Her dark eyes looked at me with hatred. A broad, diabolical scowl crossed its face. ‘Goodbye,’ the demonic figure uttered, before disintegrating in to the wind.    

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