Dark Minds

October 17th 1948, Catalina House
I can feel it, him. He’s coming. My heart beats out of control, my mind. Dazed and confused. Cold. Cold. An ominous draft enters the room. Please, whoever this is, I beg. Remember this! Stay away from ‘him.’ Or D...


3. Confusion


The cursed word finally breaks open out of my mouth. Terror surges through my body. Run Miley. Run. And I did, through the halls, past the rooms, away from the revealed hell. "Mom! Mom!" My voice is breaking from confusion and distress.  Danny suddenly appears in the middle of my path. 

"What's the matter Miley?"

There's no time for questions. Just answers. Only answers. 

"MOVE!!!!" I scream, barging him aside. Thud. His tiny body hits the floor. It makes me feel guilty and all... But there's no time for guilt, no time for feelings. Knowledge is what I need. I can finally see her in sight.

"Mom! Mom! Mom!" I repeatedly say, throwing my arms on her and gasping for ar. I can see her confused expression due to the affection I'm showing her.


"A girl.... A demonic girl, in my room! She was...."

Before I can continue, Felix slithers out of his room, his eyes so full of disgust. Oh no. He was eavesdropping on the conversation. What's he going to do now? 

"Shut up" he says, his sentence is cold and short. My supposed theory is preposterous to his old mind. Ugh, old people.

A pillow suddenly comes hurling towards me, as he chucks it at me. 

"Now, go to bed" he says. 

"No, no! Don't leave me in that... That... Devil room! Please can you just..."

Its too late for me to finish my sentence before he cuts me off.

"GO TO BED" he says sternly. His slow speech makes me know that he thinks I'm crazy. I sigh and slowly walk away, holding the pillow against, trying to spill these negative emotions in to

my pillow.

I finally reach the end of the hall, my siblings peering behinds their doors. They all look like a they almost... Feel for me. That and a demon in my room. There's a first time for everything!

I stand in the middle of the hall way, our large, box filled rooms all adjacent to one another's.

"Family meeting. Us four. Tonight. We need to talk. It's here."



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