The Life of Billy and Nyla

Nyla has been crushing on Billy, the captain of the football team. When Nyla slips on a rock and is rushed to the hospital she awakes to Billy sitting next to her. Will they fall in love or was him being there a mistake?


2. The Honeymoon

It all started on Billy and Nyla’s honeymoon. Nyla’s parents paid for the two love birds to go on a trip to Cancun. They took the 17 hour flight from Denver, Colorado to Cancun after the wedding reception. Nyla and Billy just got to the resort and they were super excited.  Billy picked Nyla up and kissed her softly, and carried her to the room. They barely left the room and when they did they were inseparable.  Billy and Nyla were the couple everyone hated. They laughed and messed around. They didn’t care what everyone thought. They had just gotten married and wanted to cherish that.

They got home a week later and told their parents about the great resort and all the fun they had, leaving out the bedroom stories of course. Another week had gone by and Billy and Nyla were back to their old life of caring for children and working. They had finally saved up enough money to buy a small two bedroom apartment.  Nyla was starting to get cramps and just figured she was getting her period. But she recognized this feeling from once before; When she was pregnant.  She quickly told Billy, and they went to set up an appointment with the doctor.

Three days had gone by and Nyla was scared for what the results could be. She went in for her appointment with Billy glued to her side.  The doctor had confirmed she was indeed pregnant, but he noticed something else. He made double sure and said,’ Well it, turns out you are about 2 weeks along.' 

Nyla and Billy were so excited. They called their parents right away. When they went back for their first ultrasound, they asked the doctor ‘Is it healthy'? The doctor looked at them with a suspicious look on his face and he said,’ don’t you mean are they healthy?’  The couple looked at him confused and he stated,’ You are having triplets.’ They gasped with surprise, and at the moment thoughts of ’where would they live? How would they take care of 5 children? What if one was born with a disability? How were they going to survive?’  These questions flooded into their heads.

They went home and told their parents the news that had been told once before.  Nyla’s parents began to scream and yell saying,” how could you let this happen?” and,” Could you two be anymore irresponsible?”

Billy’s parents were very supportive and offered any help they needed.  After the arguing, Nyla’s parents had kicked her out of the house and said she had to go live somewhere else. Billy’s parents comforted her and told her she could live with them for a while until they bought the apartment. His parents also said they were willing to give them an extra $3,000 to get a bigger apartment. Billy’s parents were very gracious but Billy and Nyla had to decline. They were already doing too much and it wouldn’t be another 7 months until they had the triplets.

They lived in his parent’s house till they saved up more money for a bigger apartment. They moved that summer into their very first home. It was a small 4 bedroom, 2 bath house. Nyla was 6 months along now and they still needed to get another crib, and another set of everything for babies and toddlers. This time, they found out the sex of the babies. They were having two boys and one girl. They didn’t want anything too close to Myah and Mason’s name’s so they picked Levi, Jr., and Nellie.

In November Nyla went into labor. Billy rushed her to the hospital. Because none of the baby’s heads had crowned, she would need to get a cesarian section. The first to be born was Jr, who weighed 6lbs 3oz, and was 19in long. Levi was born next at 6lbs 8oz, and 18in long. Nellie was born last at a healthy 7lbs 2oz and 19in long. Billy and Nyla were so happy all of their babies were born healthy.

They were so happy until Nyla’s parents came to visit. They were fighting as they walked into the room, but once they spotted their beautiful daughter, all of the bickering stopped.  They acted as if they never said anything about their new babies being mistakes and that they were irresponsible. Billy told them to leave because Nyla was tired and didn’t want to see them. Nyla’s mom pushed her way through sitting down next to her. Her mom tried to comfort her but all Nyla could do was cry. She didn’t want her there.

Her mom got up, looked at Nyla and said,” Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. Your father and I are getting a divorce.” Nyla was shocked. She didn’t know such a perfect day could turn to the worst in just minutes.  Her parents left and everything was silent. The silence was broken when Nellie began to cry, which led to Jr. and Levi crying. Nyla and Billy picked them up, and rocked them until they fell back asleep.

 After being in the hospital for two days the family got to go home for the first time. Mason and Myah were so excited to meet the babies.  Billy’s parents had been staying at the house with the twins telling them all about their new baby sister and brothers. When Billy and Nyla walked through the door they heard loud screaming and footsteps running down the stairs.  With Nyla’s motherly instinct kicking in she automatically hushed the two very excited children and knelt down to show the twins the newest additions to their family. ‘Thank you so much!’ She thanked Billy’s parents as they walked out the door.

  It was tough for Nyla and Billy to take care of 5 children. With the twins starting preschool, and the triplet’s first birthday, everything was hectic. Nyla’s parents had gotten a divorce a month before the twin’s birthday, and Billy’s parents were running into financial problems after Billy’s dad was fired for missing too many work days, due to his cancer he had acquired in March that year. Billy offered to help them out but they declined.  For Christmas that year Billy and Nyla decided to get the kids two kittens. They were mostly the twins’ but to the triplet’s they were everyone’s. Mason’s was a small black male with long fur and blue eyes. Myah got an orange striped male that had 6 toes on each paw. Mason named his Theo and Myah named hers Pretty Boy. The family loved the kittens and they loved adding more to the family.

In early January that year Billy’s dad died of Colon Cancer. Billy and his mother became depressed, and Nyla was scared because Billy couldn’t do anything. He wouldn’t eat or sleep, all he did was sit and stare out the window, or he would leave to go sit by his dad’s grave. He brought his dad flowers every day. Nyla decided that Billy needed to get a prescription for depression.  Billy’s mother became an alcoholic and in late July, died of alcohol poisoning. Billy became even more depressed so Nyla sent him to a Depression Treatment Center.

Taking Care of 5 children with no help was very hard for Nyla. Mason and Myah were now in second grade, and Levi, Jr, and Nellie were starting Preschool. When the kids were at school Nyla tried to get as many chores done as possible. She would get the whole house clean, but once the kids came home it would be just as messy as it was before. Nyla was just happy that the love of her life would be coming home in just two days.

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