The Life of Billy and Nyla

Nyla has been crushing on Billy, the captain of the football team. When Nyla slips on a rock and is rushed to the hospital she awakes to Billy sitting next to her. Will they fall in love or was him being there a mistake?


5. Mama's Back

“Why hello there stranger. I haven’t seen you in over four months and I don’t even get a hug? I guess I understand though. You never were a very loving daughter.” Nyla’s purse fell to the floor spilling all the contents in it. She looked at Billy with a puzzled look on her face. Why would he let her in? How did she find them? She had never visited before; she didn’t even know where they lived.

                “How did you find us?”

                “Still no hello? Well, anyways, I asked Billy’s mother. She asked if you were okay with her telling me, so I just told her yes, that we had been in touch.”

                “So you lied?” Nyla was furious. Her mother had done nothing to support her and Billy and now she comes barging into her home already lying to everyone in her path.

                “I missed you. You’re still my daughter. Those are my grandchildren. They need to see their grandma every once in a while. Don’t you think so Billy?”

                Billy looked at Nyla. He really didn’t want to get involved in this argument. Nyla butted in screaming, “How could you?! You were never there! Through all of this! You never once tried to call and ask me for forgiveness!”

                “Forgiveness of what?! That your father and I got a divorce? You never even bothered asking why we were getting a divorce! So don’t say I need to ask for forgiveness.” A tear ran down her face. “I’m sorry I even came.” As she walked towards the door a shrill scream came from upstairs. Sounding like it came from the triplets room Nyla paused. Right away she looked in the direction of the stairs and ran.

                When Nyla reached the top of the stairs she automatically ran into the triplets room. Looking around the room, she didn't notice anything wrong. There was no blood, no tears, and they were all playing with their toys quietly. Nyla panicked. Knowing how careful  Mason and Myah were, she had thousands of thoughts going through her mind; what could have happened?

                "Myah! What happened!" Nyla screamed with tears in her eyes. A tear slowly ran down her face when she saw Myah with a huge gash in the side of her head. Myah was on the ground with blood starting to pool around her head. She was unconscious. Nyla screamed for Billy. He rushed up the stairs calling out, "Where are you?" She screamed back that she was in Myah's room and they needed to take her to the hospital.

               Billy picked Myah up off the floor and ran her to the car, speeding off while Nyla got the rest of the kids into the van. When Billy reached the hospital he picked Myah up and ran her into the ER. The doctors asked him what happened but he didn't have an answer, so they took her to a closed off room to get her help. After 15 minutes Nyla and the rest of the kids showed up. They waited for another hour untill a doctor came out and told them what was going on.

" We have Myah awake. She can not remember a lot about what happened but she is starting to piece things together. We can bring in one of the parents. Who will it be?"

"I will!" Both Nyla and Billy said at the same time. Billy looked at Nyla and told her to go. She was closer with Myah than he was. As she walked down the hall to Myah's room she became very nervous. She stepped into the room and quietly walked over to the side of Myah without all of the monitors on it. She asked the doctor if she would be okay and he said," She should be fine. She just has a small concussion and a sprang wrist. She ended up telling us she fell off her bed and hit her head on the corner of her dresser. We want to keep her over night to make sure there is no brain hemorrhaging. You will be able to take her home in the morning."

" Can the kids come in and see her now?"

"As long as they stay quiet and don't pull on any cords, it is fine."

Nyla walked out of the room to go get Billy and the kids to bring them into the room. That's when she saw Billy. A red head walked up to him and said something she couldn't hear. All he did was shake his head and he walked away. Nyla could feel the smile creep up onto her face. she waited about ten seconds and walked around the corner to get her husband and children.

The children were ecstatic to see their big sister. Billy was constantly hushing the boys so he took them down to the cafeteria. "Do you want anything?"

"A pepsi please, and maybe an apple juice and bag of chips for Nellie"


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