The Life of Billy and Nyla

Nyla has been crushing on Billy, the captain of the football team. When Nyla slips on a rock and is rushed to the hospital she awakes to Billy sitting next to her. Will they fall in love or was him being there a mistake?


4. Jacob the Life Saver

Billy stormed out of the house. He and Nyla had been screaming back and forth for about an hour. He needed to leave, get some fresh air, and think think. He knew that he started it, it was his fault. Maybe if he stopped talking to Kayla this wouldn’t have ever happened. Two hours later Billy walked in the front door, the three youngest running to him clinging onto his legs.  Nyla was sitting on the couch with her rectangle framed reading glasses on, reading a new book she had went out and bought. She always read when she was sad.

 It was around nine o’clock so Billy took all the kids and told them that they needed to go to bed because they had school in the morning. He put a princess movie on in the girls room, and a super hero movie on in the boys. He left the door open just a crack like they liked and went down stair to Nyla, who was still reading. She was about ¾ into her 2,000 page book. He sat down by her feet and lightly set his hand on her thigh. She shifted slightly as if uncomfortable so he removed his hand and placed it in his lap. He knew she was mad, and he needed to fix it. ‘Nyla, I’m sorry’ he said quietly, almost at a whisper. His voice was raspy from the screaming, and his eyes were red from crying. ‘I know I was wrong. I shouldn’t even be talking to her. If you would just let me explain I promise I can make it up to you.’ Nyla slowly looked up and removed her glasses. She looked over at Billy and said,’ Billy, I don’t know if I can do this anymore if you keep talking to her.’ ‘I promise I won’t talk to her anymore! I just can’t lose you! You are my everything.’ Nyla looked at Billy and moved so she could kiss Billy on the forehead. ‘I love you so much Billy.’ She then got up from the couch and walked upstairs to their bedroom.

                Billy sat on the couch for about five minutes before he headed up to bed. In those five minutes he saw how much his life would be different if Nyla had never gotten in that crash. Would he be with her? Would she even have noticed he liked her? Billy shoved those thoughts to the back of his head. He then quietly said to himself, ‘This is the future not the past. What is done is done.’ He headed up to bed and silently slid into the bed next to Nyla making sure not to wake her up. Nyla had always been known for falling asleep quickly.  

                The next day Billy was at work and the kids were at his parent’s house. Nyla had the day off of work so she decided she would call up Jacob. She just needed to talk to someone. He had told her before if she needed to talk, he would be there. She was going to take up that offer. Jacob answered after 3 rings.

’ Hello?’

‘This is Nyla, Billy’s wife. I’m just calling to see if you wanted to meet for coffee or something.’

She sounded a bit sad so he figured her and Billy were having problems again. ‘Oh yeah, sure. That would be great. How about noon; at Nikki’s?’ 

‘Yeah, that sounds great!’ she replied.  She hung up the phone and went to get ready.

                She walked into the café wearing a pencil skirt, with a nice purple top tucked in. She had 3 inch black heels and nude lipstick on. There were other people in suits and ties, and people rushing in and out in a hurry to bring the best coffee in town to their bosses. She spotted a familiar face in a booth next to the west window sipping on a vanilla bean cappuccino with extra whipped crème and caramel drizzle on top.  She scooted into the seat across from him with a big smile on her face.

                “How’s it goin?” Right away Jacob was up for conversation.

                “Oh. Um I’m good. How are you?” Nyla was nervous. She hadn’t been nervous around a guy since her and Billy started dating.

                “I’m great. I’m really glad you called. What was it you needed to talk about?”, He asked with a bright white smile that lit up the room.

                “It’s Billy. He’s still talking to Kayla. I’m worried that he’s cheating on me again with her. Do you know anything about it?”

                “Well I’m sure Billy isn’t cheating on you. He really is a great guy. Guys have friends that are girls. Just like most girls have friends that are guys; Like you and me for instance. We are friends, but we don’t have any sexual feelings for each other.”

                He had a good point. Maybe she was just over reacting. “Thank you Jacob. That really helped. I’m glad I have a friend like you that I can talk to.”

                “No problem. That’s what friends are for." They sat and talked for about another half hour and then Jacob stood up. “I have to get going to work. My boss will kill me if I’m late again. With a smirk he started to turn away from Nyla when she blurted out "Wait..." When he turned back around she quietly said, "Thank You." They said their good byes as he walked out the café door.

                “He’s right. They are probably just friends”, She thought to herself. Nyla left the café and headed to the school to pick up the twins, and then to the daycare to pick up the triplets. When she got home there was a car in the driveways. She didn’t know whose it was so she started assuming. Kayla must be here. They are probably somewhere having sex while I’m not home. I’m going to catch him in the act of cheating! As she unloaded the kids from the van she had tears in her eyes.

                Nyla walked into the house ready to bust Billy for cheating when she heard a much too familiar voice. It was her mother.

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