The Life of Billy and Nyla

Nyla has been crushing on Billy, the captain of the football team. When Nyla slips on a rock and is rushed to the hospital she awakes to Billy sitting next to her. Will they fall in love or was him being there a mistake?


1. It All Starts Here.

 It all started at Ashbury High. Nyla was the captain of the chess team and Billy was the varsity captain of the football team. Nyla had a crush on billy since fifth grade, but she figured he did not even notice she was there due to the fact she was a geek and he was a jock. Then one Thursday afternoon, Nyla was walking along the river on large rocks during phy ed. She stepped onto a loose rock that had been very slippery with moss and fell in. When someone finally pulled her out of the water, she was rushed to the hospital because she had hit her head and gone unconscious.. She was in the hospital for 2 weeks. The whole school found out and they had everyone in the school sign a card for her.. Every day her friends and family would stop by. One day she was very surprised to see that with one of her best friends walked in a boy. It was him, Billy Matcliff, the captain of the football team. Billy had come to give Nyla the card that the school signed. Even though he ignored her most of the time it still made her happy that he came to see her. Just before the visit was over, she handed the boy a note. It read,

'Dear Billy, I have been holding this back for a very long time. I know you barely know me and you don't talk to me, and you don't even notice me, but I just wanted to say, that I care very much for you, and if you ever need some advice from a girl...just ask. Sincerely, Nyla'

When Billy got home, and read the note, he sat down at his desk and wrote a letter for Nyla. The day Nyla came back to school she found a note in her locker and it said,

‘Dear Nyla, I may not seem to look like I notice you, but I do. I'm just so shy I can't bear to embarrass myself in front of you. If you want to talk, meet me in front of the vending machines in the mall at 5:00 after school. I'll be there waiting :), Sincerely Billy'.

Nyla became very excited. When she got to the mall, she didn't see anybody. Billy wasn't there. She got closer and saw an arrow pointing towards the pretzel palace. She walked in and saw Billy sitting at a table waving to her to come sit down. She walked over and sat down. Billy had told her how much he liked her. He told her how he has liked her since the fifth grade too, but was always too shy to talk to her. After they talked for a while he said that this would be their first date, and everyone after would be even better than the first.

A year had passed from that perfect day. Billy had taken her on dates once a month, each better than the other. It was Billy and Nyla's 1 year anniversary. He had just taken Her to a beautiful spot on a cliff that had cast over Love Lake. Here Billy had told Nyla he loved her with all his heart and handed her a promise ring.

Billy had laid a blanket on the ground and Nyla said,’ Billy I'm ready.’

This was the perfect moment and this is exactly how Nyla had pictured the day she gave up all her love to someone else. Billy asked,’ Are you sure?’ she shook her head yes. 

After two weeks she began to feel nauseous. She started to research the symptoms of pregnancy and noticed she had many of them. After hours of research she went to the local drug store and got 3 different pregnancy tests. When she got home she hid in the bathroom and took all the tests. One after the other, they all tested positive. That day she called Billy and said she needed to talk to him right away.

She asked him questions like 'Would you love me forever no matter what?' He said yes. She then asked ' would you ever leave me for a mistake I made?' he answered no. She then asked 'would you still love me if we had a baby?' Billy was shocked. He asked 'Are you pregnant?' She responded with a yes and began to cry. He then drove to her house and grabbed her and held her close. He said that he would stick by her side and help her through this. He then said 'I gave you that promise ring to symbolize how much I truly love you, This promise ring means through thick and thin through hardship and goodness, I love you no matter what, and this baby will just make our love grow stronger.' 

The months were hard. Telling their parents didn't go as well as planned, but eventually they warmed up to the idea. Through all the cravings and mood swings Billy still loved Nyla more than ever. They decided to not find out the sex of the baby and have it be a surprise. Nylas parents paid for the crib and supplies needed while Billy's parents planned to pay the doctor bills. Nyla and Billy both got jobs and saved up so they could buy diapers and food for the baby. At Nyla's baby shower her best friends Wilma and Tori came. They felt her belly and got her a bunch of baby clothes. Nyla was overjoyed with the fact that her best friends were there for her and Billy when no one else was.

One night Nyla was feeling pressure in her lower abdominal. She called Billy and he rushed over as fast as he could. He noticed the pain was going on and off about every 4 minutes. He realized she was having contractions so he woke up her parents and they all rushed to the hospital. After 10 hours of hard labor, Nyla gave birth to a beautiful baby girl name Myah. She was still feeling pain so she called in a doctor. He checked to see what was going on and with shock he said, 'You're having another baby'. It didn't take long for Nyla to give birth to a beautiful, yet very tiny little boy. They named him Mason, what Myah would have been named if she were a boy. Because Mason was so small, the doctors didn't notice him behind Myah. Mason had to stay at the hospital for a week due to his size. During that time, Nyla had Billy go pick up another crib, car seat, and other necessities for a baby.

Three weeks later, Mason had gotten a cold, so Nyla took him to the doctor. The doctor said that because he was born a little underweight as a baby, she was to make sure that he took medicine or the cold could end up being deadly. So she took Mason home and gave him his daily dose of medicine, but after a couple weeks she noticed the medicine wasn't working. So she took him in again, but on the way there she looked back at him and noticed his face was starting to turn blue. Nyla quickly got to the hospital and brought her baby boy into the ER. The doctors took him and put him on a respirator. His left lung had collapsed and he would need to be in the hospital till further notice. After 3 weeks Mason was a healthy baby boy again, and he was able to go home.

When the twins had turned 4, Billy decided that now was a good time to get married. One night when all the family was together he got down on his knee and asked Nyla for her hand in marriage. She said yes of course. They planned a summer wedding. Their wedding day was beautiful and everything Nyla had ever dreamed of. hey left as soon as they could for their honeymoon.  2 weeks after , Nyla began to feel the same nauseous feeling she had felt once before.

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