The Life of Billy and Nyla

Nyla has been crushing on Billy, the captain of the football team. When Nyla slips on a rock and is rushed to the hospital she awakes to Billy sitting next to her. Will they fall in love or was him being there a mistake?


3. Here comes Drama

Billy returned home at 11 p.m. and silently creeped into his and Nyla’s bedroom. He crawled into bed and when Nyla woke up the next morning, the first thing she saw was Billy’s face. She woke him up with a kiss and said,’ I missed you.’ Billy looked at her and smiled. That day the family went to the park and the ice cream shop as a welcome home to Billy. He had been gone for 10 months and Nyla wanted to hear all about his time at the clinic. He told her about the horrible food they had to eat and how he made many friends. Nyla offered to invite all of his friends over for a nice dinner so she could meet all of them. He said that he would love to but they might now want to or they might be busy. . He seemed different…timid…yes, very timid. He was holding something back and Nyla was going to figure out.

 She became the nosey wife that followed her husband everywhere he went. She read through his text messages and who he was calling.  Then one day she found something. He had recently text a woman named Kayla. The text read ‘You can’t come on Saturday. My wife can never find out about what happened between us.  Please delete this number out of your phone. I can’t talk to you anymore.’ Nyla couldn’t believe what she had read. That night Nyla had put all the kids to bed and walked into her room where Billy was waiting in bed. She looked at him and asked with a blank face,’ Who is Kayla’? Billy looked confused, then got all defensive making up excuses saying,’ Just a girl I met at the clinic. She was one of the friends I made.’ Nyla looked at Billy and asked if anything went on between them. Billy stood up and looked at Nyla saying,’ How could you even think I would cheat on you!’

‘Did you?’ Nyla had tears in her eyes now.

‘It was a mistake! She snuck in some alcohol. We hadn’t drank in a long time so we wanted to treat ourselves for doing so well on dealing with our depression. It started with just talking but when I woke up we were in bed together. I don’t remember any of it I promise!’ Billy had a scared tone in his voice, but all Nyla could think was how could he do this to her, to his family. Nyla screamed at him to get out. He could sleep on the couch until she could learn to forgive him. She needed to think about what she was going to do.

 She woke up the next morning with tear streaks running down her cheeks. She had cried herself to sleep.  When she walked into the dinning room, she noticed all the kids were at the table eating pancakes, scrambled eggs, and bacon.  Nyla looked over into the kitchen to see Billy putting a flower in a vase next a plate piled with eggs, bacon, and pancakes. He looked up surprised saying she wasn’t supposed to be up and that he was going to bring her breakfast in bed. He acted like he had done nothing wrong. She walked over to him and asked,’ What are you doing?’ He responded with,’ I want to make us work. I don’t want the kids to deal with divorced parents. It was one little Mistake Nyla, can’t we work through this?’ She hesitated, but nodded and grabbed a piece of bacon and smiled. She did not know if she was going to be able to drop what happened the night before, but she was going to try.

Saturday came and Nyla met all of Billy’s friends. There was Joe, a tall man in his late 20’s, black hair and bright blue eyes. Then there was Vernan. A short, stubby man in his early 30’s, brown hair with streaks of grey from stress. Nyla’s favorite of Billy’s friends, was Jacob. He was the same age as her and Billy, Blonde hair and dark grey eyes, and funnier than anyone she had ever met. He was from South Dakota, but moved to Colorado because of his fiance.They ended up splitting up because he found out she was cheating on him. The night was going perfect; there were lots of laughs and funny stories.

During Joe’s story the doorbell rang. ‘I didn’t think there was anyone else coming. Excuse me while I go check who it is.’ As she started to walk over to the door, Billy stood up abruptly and ran to the door. He told Nyla it was probably no one and he would get it. Nyla pushed through Billy and opened the door.  A woman in a light blue sundress stood at the door. She had red hair and brown eyes and was wearing bright red lipstick. the woman was maybe 5’7” and she had a very soft voice. She looked at Nyla and said,’ Hello, I’m Kayla Thompson. It’s nice to finally meet you, I’ve heard so much about you.’ Nyla had a blank look on her face and said,’ Yes. I’ve heard of you too.’ Her face went white like a ghost and she turned around as Billy walked up to Kayla. Nyla walked to the kitchen and Kayla stepped into the house.  Billy told Kayla to go into the living room and sit down.

Billy ran into the kitchen after Nyla. When he walked in, right away Nyla demanded,’ what is she doing here?’ She didn’t seem mad or sad; she was more in between.  ‘I don’t know. I told her not to come. I will make her leave do not worry.’ Billy walked out of the kitchen, into the living room, and pulled Kayla aside. He asked her what she was doing there, she responded,’ I wanted to meet her. She seems lovely. ‘She gave a sarcastic smirk and started to walk back to the living room. Billy grabbed her arm and pulled her closer to him. He whispered into her ear saying, ‘You need to leave right now, before I make you leave.’ All she did was give a little laugh and asked,’ Is that a threat or a promise?’ She yanked her arm out of Billy's grip and walked back into the living room and sat down.

 Nyla was upstairs with the kids when she heard a quiet knock on the door. She looked over and Jacob was standing in the door way.  She was surprised and asked if he needed help with something. He shook his head no saying, ‘Just thought you would like some company. I told everyone downstairs I was using the bathroom.’

‘Oh, well I’m fine.’ Nyla said.

‘No you’re not. I know there is something wrong. I can tell by the tone in your voice.’ He heard Billy call for him from downstairs so he quickly said,’ If you ever want to talk, here’s my number.’ He gave Nyla a piece of paper and went back down to the living room. She looked at the piece of paper, and stuck it in her pocket with a smile.

A week later Nyla heard Billy. He was on the phone yelling at someone.  She walked in and asked who it was. He stuttered a little bit and then said, ‘uh, just a co-worker.’  She knew he was lying. She asked him if it was Kayla. He just looked at her and then looked away.  This is when the problems started.

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