The Teacher -Louis Tomlinson Fan-fiction

From the moment she walked in, Mr. Tomlinson knew he wanted her -but he knew he couldn't have her. She was the mystery girl in his dreams, he was the mystery guy in hers.
From the moment Amelia saw Mr. Tomlinson, she knew that her grades would fall. She knew she'd be distracted. She knew that Mr. Tomlinson was her mystery guy.
How could the two fall helplessly in love when Amelia is only 17 and Mr. Tomlinson is 21?


1. Meeting Mr. Tomlinson

Chapter One; Meeting Mr. Tomlinson

Amelia's P.O.V.

     Nothing was more confusing then when I walked into my English class 9th hour. There was a new teacher, whom is to be said is hot. It's been rumoured that he wore suspenders, and had chocolaty brown locks. Of course, that's just a rumour. Why should I believe something if I don't even know it's true?

     I was astonished, though, when I walked into classroom 21L and discovered Mr. Tomlinson. The male teacher who looked so young, looked my age. He looked 17 years old, and didn't look like he aged at all.

     You could vaguely see tattoos running up and down his arms through his polo, which hugged his body tightly. I could almost drool... It was accentuating his abs.

     When Mr. Tomlinson looked up at me, his smile was the first thing that caught my eyes. It was absolutely stunning. His lips looks to plush, so kissable. I looked even closer, as close as I could without moving, and saw his beautiful blue-green eyes.They sparkled as he said, "Class, would you please sit down."

     I sat in my usual front row seat, which was closer to his desk. I knew, from this moment on, I wasn't going to be getting high grades anymore.

     "Welcome to English class, 9th hour. I am your new teacher, Mr. Tomlinson. Today, instead of learning, I thought we would do a game to get to know each other." Mr. Tomlinson said, looking over in my direction. He then looked over at the rest of the class, a smirk to his features. "I will pass you the ball," He continued, holding up a squishy ball, "And you will say your name, age, favourite colour, and favourite class and why," He looked over the class, probably mentally counting how many of us are here, "I'll start. Hello, my name is Mr. Tomlinson. I am 21 years old, and my favourite colour is red. My favourite class would have to be English because literature is beautiful in my eyes."

     He passed the ball to me, my eyes going wide as it landed directly on top of my paper. "Please, continue." He said.

     "M-My name is Amelia Calder. I-I'm 17 years old and m-my favourite colour is r-red. My favourite c-class is English because w-writing fascinates me." I said, stutter a word or so. I couldn't help it, the way Mr. Tomlinson looked at me made me nervous. He made me nervous.

     This is going to be a long school year.



Well guys, this is my new story 'The Teacher' I really hope that you guys like it. It took me a while to write, like... seriously. 


2 comments for the next chappie, yeah?


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