The Teacher -Louis Tomlinson Fan-fiction

From the moment she walked in, Mr. Tomlinson knew he wanted her -but he knew he couldn't have her. She was the mystery girl in his dreams, he was the mystery guy in hers.
From the moment Amelia saw Mr. Tomlinson, she knew that her grades would fall. She knew she'd be distracted. She knew that Mr. Tomlinson was her mystery guy.
How could the two fall helplessly in love when Amelia is only 17 and Mr. Tomlinson is 21?


2. "5:00 P.M. tonight."

     It was awkward, at first. Mr. Tomlinson kept glancing in my direction during the lessons, and called on me 99.9% of the time, even though I wasn't raising my hand. He also used me in a lot of examples, which usually involved I having to walk up to him, in front of the class, and do something. At one point, I was confused on what I was supposed to do. 

     "What am I supposed to do again?" I asked him, feeling stupid and idiotic. 

     Mr. Tomlinson smiled, "Due to your low grades," He spoke quietly, "You must sing the fifty states in alphabetical order." 

     I opened my eyes wider than before, "W-What?" I had never sang in front of anyone before, and hadn't planned on doing that for a while now. "Y-You're kidding me? Can't I-I do something else?"

     The bell rang before Mr. Tomlinson could answer my question. 

     "We will continue our lesson tomorrow, students. Remember to read chapters 11-20 of Romeo and Juliet, we will be doing an essay on those chapters. And Ms. Calder, please stay after class." 

     My best friend, Tia, winked at me as she walked out the door. I turned toward my male teacher, his height dominating mine. 

     "Your grades are awfully low, Amelia," He started, putting a pencil down on his desk. He set his cell phone beside it, a glistening white iPhone 5. "I checked your records from the past," He continued, beginning to write tomorrow's lesson on the board, "And your grades have never been this low, you were always a straight A student," He turned towards me, "Can you explain your sudden grade lowerment? In every other class, you got A's." 

     I bit my lip, looking away from my 21 year old teacher. "I can't explain it, Mr. Tomlinson," 

     "The school is on a low budget, and can't afford a tutor for you. How do you suppose your going to get anywhere in this class without a tutor?"

     "I don't kno-" 

     "Exactly, Ms. Calder. No one knows, I might just have to tutor you myself. How would that suffice?" 


     Mr. Tomlinson grabbed a piece of paper, "Meet me at this address at 5:00 P.M. tonight. We will be having our lessons at my flat every night at this time, alright?" 

     I nodded my head, grabbing the piece of paper from him. "O-Okay, Mr. Tomlinson."

      That is when I discovered that I am developing feelings for my 21 year old English teacher. 


     I am so sorry I hadn't updated before, it is such a tragedy. It's harder to update on a desktop computer that is slow, rather than my usual laptop. (It's currently getting repaired by my brother, thanks Bill xD) 


Anyway, how'd you guys like it? From now on, I am calling all of you people who enjoy my work Briella's(Because my real name is Brianna.) xD Thank you so much though. Make sure to like, favourite, whatever the hell you do! Follow/fan me, please. 


Love you, Briella's. 


Love, Lea. 

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