You've got that ONE Thing

For the Inspired by a song competition, i used the song One thing by One direction


2. I love you

Cassie woke up to a drum playing in her front yard. " What is that?" She turned over and flopped out of bed to see a band in her front yard. Now, it may seem really weird that there was a band there, but that band was 1D. Cassie flipped out and brushed her hair, putting real clothes on instead of pajamas, just in time for her Doorbell to ring. She rushed downstairs, opened the door, and immediately saw her dream guy Harry Styles outside. They talked and finally, Cassie asked why the boys were there. Harry explained that they were being crazy bombarded by paparazzi, and they desperately needed an innocent place to stay. She let them stay in her house for the next week, and in that week, her and Harry fell more and more in love. 

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