The Grand Finale

For the 'Hidden power' competition. Criticism and advice welcome!


4. Four

Vishnu stops before the mob, and sets his mother on the ground beside him, terribly aware of the machine guns and the cameras that are trained on him. And her. She must be protected.

“STATE YOUR PURPOSE” barks some military official down a megaphone. The humans have to know who’s side he’s on. Someone so powerful cannot be trusted.

Vishnu raises both his arms, palms facing the crowd, and addresses them.

“My people…” but that is the wrong way to address the human race. They hate to feel inferior, and take offence to the slightest implication that they are the belongings of this god.

Before he can say another word, someone who has slipped his notice takes aim and fires. So preoccupied with the hundreds of thousands minds sitting in-front of him like open books he misses the one he can’t see into- the one that has taught himself to cloak his mind in a thick dark smoke that even a god’s eyes can’t penetrate. The one that hid in the trees and did the most damage and slipped away again true to the cowardice of human nature.

Vishnu’s human mother crumples to the ground, a bullet wound blossoming like a flower in the side of her head. No- the sniper did not miss: killing the woman was a very political gesture. Whoever sent him knew that the Americans’ would finish the god off if the god were provoked to pronounce war on them. And his mother’s death was simply the catalyst. Who knows who sent the sniper anyway- the American’s have plenty of enemies.

The effect is immediate. Vishnu’s eyes widen in shock then cool rapidly and set in hard, merciless anger. Anger that means death. This is not a gentile god that the humans’ have angered: Vishnu may be the creator but he is also the destroyer. The humans have signed their suicide note.

He balls both his hands into fists and, trembling, begins to scream. Not scream; he roars, and the earth begins to tear itself apart from beneath the human’s many feet. Honestly, there are so many of them: they breed like rabbits. Vermin.

Someone shoots at Vishnu multiple times, and his body falls to the ground beside his mother’s. but that’s yet another human mistake- you can’t kill a god by shooting him. Now he is freed from his flesh the humans have nothing left to shoot at, and can only die, one by one until the earth is puckered and scared and churned up like fresh butter.

Vishnu finally falls quiet and the sky clears again.

And we are the only ones left.

Yes: us. The spiders. Who would have thought that we’d take the human’s place as superior race on this planet? Well, what’s left of it anyway. They did a fine job of destroying themselves and everything else, but we don’t need much to live on. No- we’ll do just fine on our own thanks, we’ve learned from plenty of other creature’s mistakes; because that’s what we do. We watch. We are the great watchers, and we were everywhere then, everywhere now.

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