Annabeth has had a terrible past, leaving her on the verge of insanity. She goes over the edge when her boyfriend leaves her without a warning; leaving from her life without a trace. What happens when a boy saves her from her suicide attempt? Will he help her see the light? Or will she just have one of those moments?


2. Chapter 2

      I wake to a white, sterile room. Blood pumps into my arm from a drip to my right. A light snore startles me as I look to my left, where I expect to see Jason.

      I am surprised to see a man with a short quiff and an unfamiliar face sitting in the chair next to my bed with his eyes closed. Who is he? What is he doing here?

      Wait a second.

      What am I doing here? I'm supposed to be dead. Why am I here? Silent tears spill down my face. a steady drip from my undoubtedly bloodshot eyes. I let a small whimper escape my lips, and the man stirs. Before I can pretend to sleep, he wakes, and looks at me. His chocolate brown eyes bright and alert at my cry of desperation. When he speaks, it sounds low and gruff, probably from sleep, or screaming, maybe both.

      "Are you alright?" Those three words; they detonate a bomb in me that there is no way anyone can diffuse. All of a sudden I'm crying and sobbing and cursing and laughing all at once. So much that the doctor must come in and sedate me. Then, there is nothing.

      When I wake again, the man is awake and alert next to me, and the drip is gone. Then man has a swollen cheek and my hands and feet are strapped down. "Why are you here?" I ask. My voice is crackly and broken.

      "I'm here, because no one else is." He says. 

      "What happened to your face?" 

      "You kind of denied the sedative, and went crazy. You clawed me across the face. No big deal." Fragments of the event come back. The impact of my hand on skin and my own screams of anguish. "Are you o-"

      "Why did you save me?" I cut him off. "I-I mean, I don't know you, you don't know me. So, so why save me?" I ask him. He ponders the question for a minute, so long I become annoyed. "Well?" I ask expectantly.

      He takes another second with his answer and begins. "I don't think you wanted to die. I thought it was an accident. I heard your screams while I was on my balcony, and went running. It took me a while because I'm five floors up, but, I got to you. I kicked the door in and found you in the bathroom in a very scary-looking pool of blood, so I called the paramedics and-"

      "I was trying to commit suicide. So, yeah, thank you for ruining those chances." I say bitterly.

      "I was trying to help." He says in defense.

      "I don't need help. My life was a living hell, and that was the only way to solve the problem." I retort.

      "No. No, I don't believe that's true Annabeth." 

      "How do you know my name?" I ask him in panic.

      "The doctors told me." He says.

      "What's your name?" I ask the man.

      "I'm Liam." He says. He sticks out his hand. "Liam Payne."

      He lowers his hand when he realizes I'm not going to shake it. I'm tied up for crying out loud stupid! "I hope you know I'm still going to kill myself. One way or another. I'll drink bleach. I'll inject myself with air. I'll throw myself off of a bridge! I'll starve myself! I'll stab myself! I can go on and on!" I'm yelling now and hysteria sweeps over me. I laugh hysterically and list ways I could commit suicide. Some ways are more gruesome and disgusting than others. Eventually doctors come and sedate me, then there is nothing once more.

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