Annabeth has had a terrible past, leaving her on the verge of insanity. She goes over the edge when her boyfriend leaves her without a warning; leaving from her life without a trace. What happens when a boy saves her from her suicide attempt? Will he help her see the light? Or will she just have one of those moments?


1. Chapter 1

      "Do you still love me?"

      "You know I do."

      "No. No I don't know. And, I don't think you do."

      "I do love you. It's just-"

      "Just what?! Is it someone else?! Is it the fact I won't have sex with you?! What is it Jason?" 

      "It's... It's just that..." He sighs, "I just can't do this anymore."

      Then, he turns and walks away. I call after him in the pouring rain, over and over again. He doesn't turn around once, not even a glance back. He just keeps walking away. Tears form in my eyes as my lips form his name one last time; a desperate call to bring my first love back.

      I'm running; running to a place called no where, a place that I can't picture in my mind as I try to think of where to go, and what to do next. I look across the street and see a bar. I walk in and order the strongest alcohol they have. It comes in a shot, and I slam it down my throat. My mind muddles, and all of the hard edges on reality soften. I order another round, and drink the poison that burns my throat and calms my mind.

      "I can't do this anymore." I  slam the shot glass in my hand onto the table. 

      "Can't do what sweetie?" The bartender asks.

      "Everything." I reply. He sets a shot of tequila onto the table.

      "Tell me everything." He says, and I do. I tell him every detail that has happened up to this point, dis-including some more personal information.

      "Wow," He says, "he must've been one real jackass."

      "I take a drink of the water he gave me to help me sober up. "You know it." I say. I get up from the stool, but stumble and sit back down. "God, how am I gonna get home now?" I ask.

      "I'll have a beer." I hear him next to me. It's him. I turn and put on the prettiest smile I can in my drunken state.

      "Hey Jason." The bartender looks up from the tap, where he's getting my jackass ex-boyfriend he beer. Jason looks up too, and his face goes placid as he stares into my glazed blue eyes.

      "H-hi Anna." He says. I cringe at the nickname.

      "Don't call me that." I whisper.


      "I said, don't CALL ME THAT!" I yell. He flinches, and a twinge of guilt appears in my chest. I have to remind myself what he did to me, and that I don't care.

      "Why're you here?" I ask coldly.

      "Same reason as you." He takes a drink of beer. "I came for a drink." He says. Hurt and rage spreads across my face. He's so calm and collected. Isn't he guilty? Isn't he hurt? Anger builds in my chest. 

      "Why the sudden mod change?!" I shout.

      "Annabeth I-" 

      "You what? You what Jason?! I loved you with all my heart, I was willing to give you everything! You just needed to be patient! So what Jason? What the hell do you want now?!" I don't wait for his answer. I shoot out of my seat and stumble out of the bar as fast as my drunk body can. I walk home in the rain and cry freely. Luckily, no one is out, so no one sees me. I get home and run up the steps. 

      Memories. Memories of Jason and I hugging, kissing, and laughing together. Memories of when I was happy, of when I found my silver lining on my cloudy day. I push them out of my head. I scream things to drown out the sounds of laughter ringing in my ears.

      "I run into the bathroom and unlock the safe where I keep my razor blades. I say a fact about me each time I drag it across my skin in front of the mirror.

      "I am ugly." Cut.

      "I am unloved." Cut.

      "I am naive." Cut.

      "I am stupid." Cut.

      I go on and on like this until I run out of things to say, and run out of strength. I drop the blood-stained blade and collapse onto the red-covered floor. I cry and cry until I loose so much of the precious liquid, I go into a sleep that I hope will last forever.



      Pain. Running footsteps and screams fill my ears. The wail of an ambulance, the hand of a stranger. People clothed in white and blood; my blood.

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