Help me :(

This story is about a girl named Rosie she is 14 and she gets bullied a lot and she wants it to stop but they won't :(


6. In the hospital

Doug called the police to come and he shows them what the say to me on message. Then he came up to the room I was in  and said to me listen pease don't do it again ill be here for u oki said ok and then he kissed me on the head kitty and billy had to chage schools they never bullied Rosie agin and doug and Rosie are still together xx


sorry it was a short story I'm so sorry but plz like if u want more just tell me plz aha Xoxo 

if u are bulling someone plz stop it is not funny ok it's really bad people kill them selfs over this plz stop this is my message u can go to jail for it 

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