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Hi I'm Laura. I'm 16 years old, have blond hair, blue eyes and I live in like the smallest village you could ever imagine. My best friend lives in the next village. We've been best freinds forever. My life is boring and I'm addicted to Twitter and Tumblr. And yes I'm a Directioner.
For now, time for summerholidays in Ireland and maybe my life gets a bit more exciting.


8. Meeting again

*5 hours later*

She's arriving any minute now! While I am waiting on the airport for the airplane to arrive I get a textmessage from Niall with the message:

'Heyy Lau, would you like to come to my early birthdayparty tomorrow? The lads are coming too! I bet they will like you. xx'

Awwe that's cute, we just met and he's inviting me for his birthday. But wait, if he's celebrating that tomorrow and the boys are coming too.. Oh gosh I really have to go there! Kim can arrive any moment now. Oh yeah I have to ask if she can come along with me. That would be perfect. I feel myself dream away for a bit, but wake up again by the sound of the landing airplane. Yayy she's here! After a few minutes I see her getting out of the plane and coming to the arrivals. She gets her baggage and comes running towards me. Yes we didn't see eachother for like two days and that's way too long for us. The airport is pretty empty compared to the last time I was there. All the screaming girls are gone and we can easily walk outside. When we're outside we wait for a cab to arrive and take us to the Hotel. Kim will be overwhelmed when she sees where she will be staying for the next few weeks of our summerholidays.
The ride is pretty quiet, it isn't akward though. It's never akward between the two of us. Kim is just tired. She is also way to excited. We're about 30 minutes away from the hotel now but she fell asleep. Wow she's really tired. I continue my stare out of the car's window and hear Kim mumble something like: 'Niall I love you, I won't ever let you go my love. You're the best thing ever happened to me.' She mumbled a few more things about Niall but then went back to sleep. Niall is so going to know about that.

Niall's POV:
'Hmm... It's been two hours later and still no response, maybe she doesn't want to come. Maybe she doesn't like us that much. Was she really a directioner?'
I have to stop being this negative about people, maybe her phone is just out of battery or she's just busy with work or something.

'NIALLERR! We are hereee!'  I hear someone with a strong british accent scream. Oh that's definetly Louis. I look up from my phone to see 4 of my best friends standing in front of me. 'HEYY!' I scream before we do a group hug. I really love those hugs with my best friends who are like brothers to me. 'I thought you were all coming tomorrow. I didn't even buy enough food I think. But it's good to see you all!' I say. Seriously what am I saying, I did my groceryshopping this morning and it's like whole America lives in my house.
My mum doesn't mind that the boys are staying over, she likes them and thinks they're amazing friends for me. She treats them like her own sons.
My mum walks into the room to welcome the lads, she must have heard them. She also tells us to be quiet because she's going to sleep. That's something that won't work with us, the being quiet thing.
'Maybe it's also time for us to go to sleep', I hear Zayn say. That boy is always tired for some reason. I yawn. Oh ok it's also time for me to go to bed I guess. 'Yeah ok, I'm tired too', I say and all the boys agree to go to bed. I check my phone one last time before I put it in the charger, and again no messages from Laura. I hope she comes though.

Laura's POV:
When we arrive at the hotel I wake up Kim and she gets her bags from the back of the cap and walks inside of the lobby. Her mouth falls open, I guess she didn't expect it to be this big.
We walk up to my big ass room and Kim drops her stuff on the ground, runs to the bed and starts to jump on it. And I thought she was tired.. Well not anymore I see. While I am watchig her I remember to put my phone in the charger. It has been out of battery since the past hour or something. Oh yeah I still have to respond to Niall his text. *Tudutuum Beep Beep* And my phone is turned on again. I think the sound of my phone got Kim's attention. I feel her watching me. I quickly reread Niall's message. Oh yeah he wanted me to come to his early birthday party, oeeeh the other lads will be there too. I really want to go, but Kim's here now. Mmmhh.. Maybe she can come along. 'What are you doing?' Kim asks me. 'Uuhmm you know.., just about to text Niall' 'WHAAAT?! AND WHEN WERE YOU GOING TO TELL ME' 'After he responds 'Yes' to my question if you can come along to his early birthday party tomorrow' 'Ohoke. Waaait what?!' 'birthday party tomorrow, Niall, the lads, our dreams are coming true.' Jeezz what a conversation. I still have to text Niall back. I text him:

'Heyy Nialler, I'd love to but is it ok if my best friend, Kim, is coming along? xx'

I'll see his response in the morning now I am way too tired. Kim fell asleep again. How did she do that? Amoment ago she was hyperactive! I set my alarm on 9:30. I don't know what time Niall's birthday starts but I'll be on time if Kim can come along.

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