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Hi I'm Laura. I'm 16 years old, have blond hair, blue eyes and I live in like the smallest village you could ever imagine. My best friend lives in the next village. We've been best freinds forever. My life is boring and I'm addicted to Twitter and Tumblr. And yes I'm a Directioner.
For now, time for summerholidays in Ireland and maybe my life gets a bit more exciting.


2. Going to Ireland

Laura's POV:
My mum just told me that we're going to Ireland over the holidays. I have no idea why I'm this happy! What if I come across Niall... Oh god I'm going to freak out when that happens. Laura stay calm! 'Ok, ok, they are in America right now you won't see him or the other boys.' My attempt to calm myself isn't working that good but it was worth a try.
I hear my mum calling me to pack my bags, yeah I'm leaving tomorrow!

Niall's POV:
'I can't believe how much noise you all make together, thank you for the experience we all get to have, you guys are amazing!' I absolutely loved tonight's gig! It has been amazing like the past 3 years! Yeah that's right, three years of a life I only could have dreamed of.

Finally.. we have a few days off. It's the first time in two long months we have a few days off. Even though those two months were amazing, I always love to go home. Management decided to let the boys and me fly back to our homes in these days! Oh how I love them right now. I miss my family back home.
When we arrived back in the hotel, our bags were already packed. It's time to go to the airport! We go to the airport as fast as possible and manage to get trough the crowd of girls who somehow always knew where we were and where we were going. Sometimes it gets really annoying but I think it's cool in someway. I just don't know which way yet.
We get in a private area on the airport. Silence. Harry and Liam are goofing around and Zayn and Louis are texting, with their girlfriends I guess. After what feeled like 20 minutes it's time to go on the plane for me. I'm flying by myself this time because I'm flying straight to Dublin. It's a 7 hour flight, enough time to eat and sleep. The second the airplane gets ioff the ground I fall asleep. Man I'm tired!

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