*FLASH BACK*He grabbed my wrists and pulled me into dark room.''STOP-PLEASE!''I begged trying to get out of his grip.i hope the boys can find me here,it's ways away from town though.''Shut the h@$# up!!''I struggled to get out of his hands,i stomped on his toe and ran throwing down book and desks,finally seeking an exit.I dashed towards it,when someone grabbed my waist on pulled me back.''Where you going?''said a flirty Justin Bieber.''None of your bees-wax!!"i said trying not to cuss at him.''accsully it is,you see,i own this place and i could have that pretty little head of yours cut off!''CUT OFF!!??


2. hostpital..

''how long will she be in the casts?''i heard a familer british voice say.''well,it's going to be a while.''i opened my eyes and saw Niall Horan,my best freind,nod.He walked over Harry,My other best freind,and started to talk to him.

''Harry calm down she'll be alright,hey and afterwards i'll take all of us out for icecream.'' Niall joked.

''Not in the mood,Niall.And your only saying icecream because you want some.''Niall licked his lips.

''Whatever.So when are you going to tell her,it has to be soon because with all this happening she not gonna be here that long ,you know how crazy Justin is.''

*Harry's Flashback*

I knocked on Justin's door hoping for an answer.He opened the door and stepped out.''HEY MAN WHERE YOU BEEN?''Justin asked putting out hes hand so we could fist bump.''L.A. you know i'm on that world tour.''he nodded and invited me in to his house.''Hey,man,i wanna show you something.''he whispered leading me down some stairs.I heard some muffled screams and sobs.''Here they are.''he said pointing to frightened girls.''Oh nicole what did i tell you about crying?!''he said looking at a  pretty blonde.I looked at the girls and whispered to them.''it's okay i won't hurt you,i'll help you.''i whispered,looking over them.As i was looking i saw Ashely Tinsdale!Or i thought i did.''Ashely?''she nodded,tears running down her face.Justin pushed me aside.''Dude,isn't this great!?''I looked at him as though he were crazy,which by now I was confinced.''No,Dude this is sick!''he smiled evily.''OH COME ON!You know you want them!Their helpless!''Harry shook his head.

*End of flash back*

"Dude!"Niall snapped in his face.''Your right.''Niall crossed his arms''I'm always right!''He walked out the door but Harry stayed.

''Rebecca?''he got over top of me,his brown eyes gleamed.''There's always been something I've wanted to tell you..."He said,thinking I wasn't hearing him."I've loved you since the first day I saw you.Kindergarten.I didn't understand it then.But know I know what it was.Love.''I was freaking out on the inside.I like him too.''I guess I should tell you this when you can hear me.''he laughed biting his lip.He kissed my nose and walked out the door.


Sorry it took me so long to write this but it's out now,so!Enjoy!


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