*FLASH BACK*He grabbed my wrists and pulled me into dark room.''STOP-PLEASE!''I begged trying to get out of his grip.i hope the boys can find me here,it's ways away from town though.''Shut the h@$# up!!''I struggled to get out of his hands,i stomped on his toe and ran throwing down book and desks,finally seeking an exit.I dashed towards it,when someone grabbed my waist on pulled me back.''Where you going?''said a flirty Justin Bieber.''None of your bees-wax!!"i said trying not to cuss at him.''accsully it is,you see,i own this place and i could have that pretty little head of yours cut off!''CUT OFF!!??


1. The Beating

I walked around my kitchen and looked for something Justin wanted me to find for him.*BANG BANG*The door rattled.''OPEN THE F#$#@ING DOOR!!"Someone sceamed from the outdoors,that could only mean one thing,Justin.I opened the door,''WHY THE H@@# DOES IT TAKE YOU SO F$%%ING LONG TO OPEN THE DA@# DOOR!!!"He yelled grabbing my hair and throwing me at the wall.''Justin what the h@#$!!''he kicked me and backed away.''JUST SHUT UP!!'',he yelled seeming to calm down,he eyes returned to a light carmel brown from a dark black.''Just-tell me you have the stuff.''he came closer and kneeled down to me and kissed my bruised forehead.''Yeah,babe,it's over there.''i pointed to the kitchen.He helped me up and walked over to the kitchen counter and picked up a small bag with white powder in side.he opened it and smelled it.''mmhhmm,thanks babe,i got to go deliver this.''he said kissing my lips and walking out the door.I continued looking for what he wanted me to find,then got curious.Justin always left at this time with the same saying,'i got to go deliver this',but i wonder if he is lying.I grabbed my purse and walked out locking my door and following where i saw Justin go.I found him at the park-WITH A GIRL!I hid behind a bush waiting for them to say something.''Babe why you looking around,she never comes.''i heard the girl say when she noticed Justin looking around for someone.''I know but Rebbeca's been acting weird lately.''Me,hes looking for me.''Oh babe,come on even if she finds out you always have me.''she said kissing him on the lips which lead to them making out.I left the bush and walked by them pretending i didn't see them.''REBECCA!?''justin said looking over at me.''oh hey Justin,having fun.''i walked up to him.''Look Rebbecca,i'm sorry.''i looked at him trying to figure out if he was seriously expecting me to fall for that.''NO-I'M SORRY I EVER DATED YOU!'',I yelled pushing back with my finger everytime i said something that hurt me,''HAVE FUN WITH THIS BIT#$ BECAUSE I'M DONE WITH YOU!!''i walked away leaving him shocked.


i slammed my door shut and locked it,tears streaming down my cheeks.I hate him why would he play me like that who does he think he is!i ran to my room and slammed my face on a pillow.*BANG BANG*''It's Justin..''Justin said in a low tone.''leave me alone.''he sighed and picked the lock with a needle.''Look Rebbeca,im sorry.''i sighed and cryed louder.He climed on the bed with me and rubbed my back.''GO AWAY!leave me alone to die.''

''i cant do that.''

''and just why not.''

''because i love you.''

''no you dont go home.''

''if i go home your coming with me.''

''no im not.''




i sighed knowing he wasn't giving up.

''Why did you do it Justin!'' i randomly shouted out.



''i'm not sure.''

''of course you aren't.'' he slapped me when i sayed that.


''I SAID 'OF COURSE YOU ARENT'!!'' he grabbed my waist and through me at the door,i ran to my front door and tryed to open it,he grabbed me and threw me by the couch.He grabbed a vase and threw it at me i covered my face with my hands and the shards flew everywhere.he punched me repeatedly and kicked me.I had a shard of the vase in my head,which he punched and pushed it in deeper.''he kicked me and i fell on the wall,i tryed to move away from him.i got to the window and stopped-dead end!he kicked me with lots of force pushing me backwards.I flew through the window and  fell on the concrete.''HELP SOMEONE THIS GIRL JUST FELL THROUGH HER WINDOW!!''A woman screamed into her phone, she probably heard me screaming when Justin was running after me.Sirens schreeched near me and people gathered near me.Then a mask was placed on my face by a nurse and i was put on a stretcher and into an ambulance.



HEY GUYS!So i know this chapter was probably really lame but i tryed so please no hate and it will get better,promise! <3love my fans even though i don't have any so plz be the first!<3

BTW,i have nothing aganist Justin Bieber in fact i love him very much so plz don't hate me the reason i made him the bad guy was because hes the good guy in ALL my storys so changen it up!sORRY THIS CHAPTER WAS LONG BUT YEAH I WORKED ON THIS A 2:00 IN THE MORNING AND I DID IT FOR YOU!LUV YALL!!<3


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