The Way

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6. Chapter 6

"No, Harry are you serious? This is for us?" I repeat. I was surprised, no one ever planned a romantic dinner, with candles and stuff for me, like no one. “You don’t believe me?" Harry asks, pulling the chair for me so I can sit. “I do, but - Thank you" I smile, as he sits down himself. “I’m going to call Zayn after we finish eating, and tell him I am coming to the airport, so he won’t get suspecious" I say, eating the food he had prepared for us. “Alright yeah" He nods. “What’s your favorite song?" He randomly asks. “Uhm, Mirror by Justin Timberlake" I answer, still eating. “Favorite movie?" He questions, again. “The Notebook - Is this 20 questions or what?" “Is is wrong that I am trying to get to know the girl I am dating, better?" He jokes and I laugh. We finish eating, and I help him clean up. We then sit in his living room, lighting the TV up. My eyes were closing on their own, before I felt Harry picking me up. 

I wake up at 8, because Harry’s alarm woke me up. He takes a shower, while I call Zayn. “Hello" He answers, picking up. “Hey cuz, I heard you’re leaving to America?" “Yeah, where did you hear that from?" He asks. “I got my sources. At what time you’re leaving?" “Like 10, why?" “I am coming to the airport to say goodbye to you and the lads" I answer. “Alright cool, do you want me to get you?" “No no! I’ll come by myself. Luke returned my car" I reply. We say goodbye, and hang up. Harry gets dressed, and I help him pack. “That Evan guy, didn’t bother you since that night?" He suddenly asks. “No, he hasn’t called and I haven’t seen him" I shrug. “If he does bother you, call me okay?" He orders. “Okay" I smile. “Text me when you land, yeah?" “Of course" He nods. We finish packing, and he pulls me for a hug. I’ve never actually hugged Harry, and I know that I’m going to miss his hugs. 

He placed his hand on my cheek, slowly rubbing it. He then leaned in, pulling me for a kiss. This wasn’t a short one, it was rather long and passionante. When we pulled off, he took his bag and put it in his car. “We need to go to the airport now, so you know Zayn won’t see us" He says, and I nod. We arrive to the airport within 10 minutes, and just wait for the lads. Zayn & Perrie show up first, followed by Louis & Eleanor and Niall & Liam. After Zayn and Perrie pulled away from their long hug and kiss, it was my turn to hug my cousin. “Don’t get into trouble, Zaynie" I whisper, wrapping my arms around his torso, since I was a bit shorter than him. “I’ll try, cuz" He laughs. I then hug Liam, Louis and then Niall. “I’ll miss you" Harry whispers, when I was hugging him last. He kisses my cheek, and thank god no one saw him, we break away as they grab their bags and get them checked out. Perrie, Eleanor & I wave at them, and when we couldn’t see them anymore, we turned around ready to leave. 

I call Isabelle, and ask her to come and get me. “Do you want a ride home?" Both Perrie and Eleanor ask. “No, thank you. My friend is coming right now" I smile. We share a hug, before they both leave. Isabelle arrives a few moments after the girls left, and we drive to McDonalds because it still served breakfast. “So, you and lover boy huh?" She smirks, when we sit down. “What’s up with this nickname? And yes" I reply, already eating. “So are you two like coupley or no?" “Uhm, well I’m not technically his girlfriend because he hasn’t asked me yet, but we’re dating" I answer. “Does Cara know?" “Shit, she’s going to kill me if I don’t tell her!" I gasp, and of course my best friend laughs at me. “Call her and tell her to join us" “They stopped serving breakfast though" “Yes, but they didn’t stop serving food, call the bitch" She orders and I nod. I swear, Is calls her best friends bitches and if we do it, she gets offended. What I loved about her was that she eats, like a lot. She was a model, and she cares about her weight, but when we go out, she basically never stops eating. And to be honest, she doesn’t gain weight. Cara arrives, and sits down ordering too. “What’s so important I got out of the house, leaving my breakfast?" She asks, beathlessly. “The british bitch is with the heart throb" Isabelle answers for me. “Thank you Is" I sarcastically say, and she smiles. “Really? Why didn’t you tell me! Wait, the heart throb is the lover boy right?" Cara asks, and I nod. “Do you guys have like secret meetings, where you discuss Harry & I’s nicknames?" I question and they both burst out laughing, disturbing everyone. 

We agree to meet up at Isabelle’s and we go in seperate ways. I was walking texting Michael actually. Yes, Luke’s best friend, when I bump into someone. “So, we meet again" That voice from the club, ringed through my ears. “God, can’t you leave me alone?" I sigh. His face still had bruises since his fight with Harry. “Your curly haired friend isn’t here, is he?" “No, but my brother is. And we all know what happened the last time you ran into him" I say, and I could actually see him defeated. Luke had a pretty intense fight with him, when he found out that he cheated on me, and Evan actually stayed in the hospital for like a weak. “I promise you, this isn’t the last time you’ll see me" He whispers, before walking away. I sigh, and continue walking to my house. 

Since Harry left, I’ve been running into Evan plenty of times, and he would just remind me that he will see me again, and I’ll have no one to protect to me. And that, really scared me. I mean, I know Evan, just like I know he won’t hesitate to hurt me. Except from texting, and late night calls, Harry couldn’t get on Skype because of his busy schedule. Today, was a happy day for me, Why? Because I am going to Los Angeles, for the photoshoot and I’m seeing Harry again, after a week. I chuck on and do my hair like : It was 6 am, and I already said goodbye to my mother and brother. Jayden comes and drives us to the airport. “You’re not dating Harry Styles, are you?" Jay suddenly asks. “What? No.. No" I shake my head, lying. Thank god I wasn’t looking at him, ‘cause he knows when I’m lying. We have everything checked out, before getting in the plane.

"I’m so jet lagged" I sigh, putting my little bag down. I arrived at Harry’s, after Zayn gave me a ride to his flat. We were all staying there, so he didn’t suspect a thing. I hugged everyone, and sat down on the couch. “We were just going out a bit, shopping. Do you want to come?" Liam asks me and I instantly shake my head. “No, I’m going to sleep a bit" I half smile. They all get out, and I get a text from Harry.

"I’m going to get back home in like 10 minutes. I miss you xx" I smile at the text, but my eyes fail me, and I fall asleep.

I wake up hearing the front door being opened, and I jump a little but sigh in relief when I see Harry. “Sorry, did I wake you?" “It’s fine" I smile, getting up. “I missed you" He whispers, bringing me for a hug. “I missed you too, and I missed your hugs" I add. We break away from the hug, before he pulls me for a kiss. I missed his kisses also, they always sent shivers through my body, and even though this isn’t the first time we kiss, I still feel butterflies everytime we touch. What changed is that my heart beated fast, and I swear I wanted that moment to last. We were too caught up in the moment, we didn’t hear someone getting in. “Harry? And… Alice?" Shit, that can’t be good.

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