The Way

Just read and find out! It's very interesting(:


5. Chapter 5

 I open my eyes, feeling a massive headache. I put my hand on my head, and I see blood. “Perfect" I mumble. “Harry, wake up" I tiredly shake him. I do it again, and his eyes flutter open. His arm was in one position, and he  couldn’t move it so I am guessing it was broken. He opens the car door, and comes to my side. I was having a hard time keeping my eyes open. Everything started to get blurry, and I couldn’t see anything. “Don’t pass out on me, Alice" I hear Harry warning. “Can you get out?" He asks. “My- my legs are stuck. I can’t move them" I answer, realizing I wasn’t capable to move. “Try moving them, just a bit" He orders and I nod. “I can’t. It’s too painful" I wince, looking at him. “It’s fine, go get help" I suggest. “I won’t leave you" “Stop arguing with me, and call someone" “I can’t leave you!!" He yells. “Why? What aren’t telling me?" I ask. I had a feeling he was hiding something. “Because the car oil is coming out, and if we don’t move now. The car’s gonna explode" He explains. “That’s what concerns you? Go get help!" “For the third time. I am not leaving you, okay?" He states, and I nod. “Open your eyes, please" I heard hm saying, and I suddenly wake up. “Love, I know it is going to hurt but I’m going to lift you up" “Do what you want" “Alright on three I’m going to pick you up" He says, and I agree. He picks me up and he was right, it hurt like a bitch. “Are you okay?" He asks. “Yeah. The pain in my legs stopped" I smile. “Thank you" I add. “Did you think I would leave you?" “But if you stayed there with me you could have lost your life" “So what?" He says, and I know the decision I made was right. “My phone is still in my dress pocket" I remember, grabbing. Thank god, nothing happened to it. He calls help, and they arrive within 5 minutes. They take us to the hospital, and luckily nothing was wrong with me. It turned out that I had a broken arm. And Harry had a plaster on his forearm. I also had a bandage on my forehead but it was small. “Alice, are you okay?" I hear my mum askig. “You called her?" I whisper to Harry. “Because she works here, the nurse did" He replies. “I am fine mum" I sigh, while she hugs me. “You didn’t tell anyone, did you?" “Luke is still in college. He has suff to do so no" She replies. “Why are you crying? I am okay" “It’s just - I know" She sniffles. “Mum, can I leave now? I don’t want to miss Cara’s party" “Let me check" She says and leaves. “We’ll walk to Cara’s. It isn’t far from here" Harry says and I nod. My mum says I can leave and at first she hesitates on letting me go, but then she gives up. “Be careful when you get back" She warns. “I’ll walk her home" He interrupts. “Thank you" She smiles. We check out, and get out from the hospital. “Harry, about what I said earlier.. We uh we can give it a try. Us I mean" I state. I was nerveous I mean what if he doesn’t like me anymore. “Are you serious?" He asks. His face just lit up. “Yeah. You know I like you and I know you like me, I just have one condition" “Which is?" “We are going to keep a low profile. No one can find out. Especially Zayn. Not yet" I explain and he nods. “Can I ask  you something?" He says. “Sure" “Who was the guy you were with yesterday?" “My brother’s best friend" “Oh.." I don’t know why, but he looked dissapointed. “He is gay, Harry" I giggle. “Oh.. " He lets out, embrassed. “What, you’re jealous already?" I smirk. “Well, yes" He nods, stopping from walking and making me face him. He placed his hand on my cheek, before leaning in, kissing me. It wasn’t like the last time we kissed, I felt butterflies in my stomach, and his touch sent shivers through my body. I broke away realizing someone could see us. “C’mon, we are going to be late" I state, grabbing his hand walking to Cara’s. We arrive to her front door, and before I knock he kisses my cheek. “Stop it, she’ll see us" I giggle. “I can’t" “Harry seriously" “Alright fine" He gives up. I knock and she opens almost immediately. The entire party, I was with Cara while Harry was in front of us, smirking at me. She asked me what happened with my head and arm and I lied and said I fell when I jumped during a photoshoot. “What’s up with you and lover boy?" She asks. “We decided to let our feelings..drift" I lie, drinking my juice. “Oh pitty. You would have made a cute couple" She pouts and I shrug. It was nearly 1 am, and I started getting sleepy. “I need to go now. We will talk later, yeah?" I say, waving at Harry so he would come. “Okay then. Goodbye babe" She smiles. We share a quick hug then I leave along with Harry, and we start walking. We made it to the first turn when he grabbed my hand. “Harry, they’ll see us" “No one’s around. No worries" He smiles. We walk to my house, and I let him in. “Mum, you up?" I ask as I see the library room lit up. “Yes honey, are you okay?" She asks coming towards us. “Yeah, mum Harry’s flat is far from here and his car is being fixed. Can he stay tonight?" “Uhm, yes. Remember the rule though" “Yes, no boys in my room" I chuckle. “Harry, the guest room is upstairs. Make yourself at home" My mum smiles. “Thank you" He politely answers. “Night mum" I say, and she leaves. I fix the room Harry is sleeping in, and I say goodnight. “I don’t get a goodnight kiss?" He whispers. “My mum is here" I shake my head. “One kiss?" He pouts. I sigh, and give him a quick peck. “Bye Harry" I smile, going to my room which was in front of his. I was about to close my eyes after I changed my clothes, and I felt my phone vibrate.

"I want to see you -Harry xx"

"Shut up and go to sleep. I’m gonna hear a massive lecture tomorrow, Styles" And with that, I fall asleep.

I wake up at 11, because I don’t have work. I take my morning shower, but it was really hard because of my plaster but I manage to make it work. I first check if Harry was there, but he wasn’t. I hear laughing coming from downstairs, and I see my mum sitting on the table, along with Luke. “Morning sweetie" She immediately smiles, spotting me. “Hello my beautiful, talented sister" Luke smirks. “Not yet, Lukey. Isabelle isn’t available" I laugh, sitting down. Isabelle was my other model best friend, and you guessed it Luke fancies her, a lot. “Fine" He sighs. “She’s at her home in Australia, but I’ll talk to her when she gets back" I promise, smiling at him. “Who’s in the kitchen?" I then ask, hearing noise coming from our kitchen. “Harry decided to say thank you by cooking us breakfast" My mum says, excited. I was pretty sure she already liked him. Harry then comes out, holding loads of food. Eggs, bacon .. Everything. We eat, and I volonteer to clean everything, but my mum doesn’t let me. “Not until your hand is okay" She keeps on repeating. 

"Ali, can we talk a bit?" My mother asks, and I nod. We go to the study room, so no hears us. Her words, not mine. “Have you gave Harry a chance?" She asks, sitting down. “Yes, I was doubting my decision but last night, at the accident I begged him to go get help but he wouldn’t leave me alone. So, I think I can trust him" I smile. “N’aaww, my baby girl is into Harry Styles" She coos, bringing me for a hug. My mum is really cool, like soo cool. I can talk to her about anything, and she wouldn’t mind. She was my mother. “Muuum, stop it. I’m blushing" I giggle. “I bet you blush when you’re with him" “Mum, seriously stop it" I laugh. “Okay, fine" She gives up. I go to my room, and dry my hair because it was in a messy bun. I curl it, before getting a text from Harry.

"I’m waiting for you outside. Sneak out or whatever! -Harry" I smile, and grab my bag before telling my mum I am leaving. I walk out, and he was waiting for me just outside. “Where are we going?" I ask. “My hiding place" He simply answers. We first walk to his flat, which was a bit far then we went inside his Audi. We drove for about an hour, until we reached a lake house. “This is your hiding place?" I ask, getting out from the car. 

The house was painted in a light blue, and the peer was painted in white. Next to the house, was a path, in the middle of the trees. “No, that is my hiding place" He corrects, taking my hand. We walk through that path, and end up in bench, situated under a huge tree. “I come here when we have an upcoming tour, album promotion and stuff like that. It really relaxes me" He explains, when we both sit down. “It’s beautiful" I say, fascinated by the view. “So, do you still think you’re just a one night stand?" “Hmm, maybe not" “I never brought any girl here. Even the lads don’t know I come here" “It’s good just being able to run away from everything. I’d like to do it" I sigh. “You can come here" “Really? You’d let me borrow your hiding place?" “Our place now" He smiles, bringing me for a short kiss. “Since our feelings are recent, we should get to know eachother" He says, breaking away. “Yeah" I nod. We actually spend the whole day just getting to know one another. He was really the most sweetest guy ever, and I dont even know why I haven’t told him I liked him before. I do believe I know Harry a bit better now, but who knows, if we keep this thing going, I’ll learn other stuff about him. He drives me home, and we say goodbye. I was surprised to see Zayn’s car parked. “Shit" I mumble, going inside. “Alice? Was that Harry’s Audi?" Zayn yells as soon as I enter the house. “Uh-" I try to think of something when Luke interrupted. “No, it’s my friend’s car. Why would Harry come here?" Luke clears the situation. I give him a thank you look, and sit down. Zayn ends up leaving, and my brother comes to my room. “Sis. I know about you and Harry" He immediately says, sitting down. “Oh.. And?" “Mum said you feel happy when you’re with him so I am not stopping you. Although, if I hear something bad about him, I’m going to kick his ass" He laughs, but very seriously. “Aww, my bro’s got my back" I coo. “You’re my little sister. I have to" “I am not that young, you are just 2 years older than me" I giggle. He then leaves, and I just sit in my room. I log on Skype because I was bored, and Isabelle was there. “Hello British bitch" She starts, answering my video call. That was her nickname for me, Ali was overrated for her. “What’s up Aussie?" “I’m not home anymore. I’m in my flat here in London" “Oh, we should go out tomorrow. I miss you" “Me too, how about you call Cara and we’ll have a girls’ night?" She suggests. “That sounds amazing" I agree, smiling. I hear my ringtone and I answer my phone. “Hello?" I answer, not checking the I.D. “Hii" Harry replies. “Oh hello. I didn’t see the caller, sorry" “It’s fine. Where are you?" “My house. You drove me here, remember?" I giggle. “Coming to your house" “You can’t keep on coming here, Harry" “Shut up, I’m almost there" He laughs, hanging up. “Who was that?" Isabelle asks. Shit, I forgot to hang up the video call. I tell her what happened, since the beggining. “My british bitch has a crush!" “I am not your bitch, and I have to go" I giggle. “You’ll tell me everything tomorrow" “I will, byee" I wave at the camera, and hang up. I hear a knocking on my balcony door and I open it. 

"Wh-" I was going to ask, and he shuts me off with a kiss. “Hi" He smiles. I let him in, and we sit on my bed. “What brings you here at 8 pm?" I ask. “I’m going to America tomorrow morning.. And I thought I’d let you know" He answers, kind of sad. “Oh, I’m leaving to the US next week" I state. I got to admit, I was going to miss him. Because since we started ”dating” we haven’t really spent so much time together. I mean I’ve been ignoring him for two weeks. “I have a house in L.A so when you come you don’t have to check in a hotel" “Alright" I smile. “At what time you’ll be leaving?" I ask. “10 ish. Why?" “I’m coming to the airport with you" “Uh, okay" He just nods. “Do you want to have dinner here?" I suggest. “Actually, I have a surprise for you" He smirks. “Uhm, let me tell my mum" I answer and he nods. He gets out the same way he came in while I go downstairs. I tell my mum and refuses at first. “Mum, please? He’s leaving tomorrow" “Alice, I like him but you’re not sleeping with him after two days of going out" “Who said anything about sleeping together? I don’t want to do it the first time with someone I started dating two days ago" I explain. “So you didn’t?" “No mum, I’ve never slept with Evan" I answer. “In that case.." “Please?" I beg, giving her my special puppy dog face. “Fine. If anything happens-" “I promise you, nothing will" I smile. “Okay fine" She sighs. I thank her and leave. “What took you so long?" Harry asks, when I get in his car. “I tried convincing her we’re not having sex at your flat" “We’re not?" He fakes a pout and I look at him. “Kidding. Do you think I’m just dating you for that?" He asks. “No" I answer. “I promise I have a surprise for you" “I believe you Styles" I giggle. We arrive at his flat, and get inside. I see a romantic dinner set up. “That’s for us?" I ask, still surprised.

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