The Way

Just read and find out! It's very interesting(:


2. Chapter 2

"I’m sorry" I apologize, raising my head to see who it was. “Next time, watch where you’re going" Harry harshly replies, making his way inside the house. A simple it’s fine, could’ve helped. I call the girls, and we go to the kitchen. At 12, everything was set. Many of my other cousins showed up, but left when they ate. Before I knew it, it was just the lads and us girls. “Alice, I’m going home with your brother. Do you want to come or will you come later?" My mother asks. “I will drive her home later, Aunt Liz" Zayn answers for me, and I smile at him. “Okay, thank you Zayn. I’ll see you later sweetheart" She smiles, waving at me before turning around, leaving. It was close to 6 pm, and I was exhausted. “Are you okay? You look tired" Niall whispers, while everyone gets talking. “Yes, I am. I think I’m just going to lie down a little" I yawn. I tell Zayn, before I go to Waliyha’s room, falling asleep right after. 

I wake up hearing noise just outside the room I was sleeping in. I get out, to see Harry standing just outside. “I heard noise. Was that you?" I tiredly ask. My eyes were closing on their own. “Yeah, I wanted to say I’m sorry for the way I acted earlier" He suddenly apologizes. He wasn’t looking as cold as he used to be. His eyes were green, and I’ve never noticed how beautiful they were. “Okay. Uhm, I’m sorry for bumping into you" “It isn’t your fault. I’m sorry" He half smiles, making his way back to the others and I follow him. “Look who’s awake!" Perrie shouts, making me giggle. 

I sit down on the bench, next to Liam. We all talk about random things when my phone rings. “Hii" My ex boyfriend, Evan says. “What?" I immediately say, after hearing his voice. “I miss you-" “I don’t. We are over, and we are never getting back together! Was that enough or do you want me to sing it for you, Taylor Swift edition?" I sarcastically answer. “Don’t hang up - I only get one phone call" He interrupts, making me laugh. “You’re in jail, again?" I chuckle, and I could tell he was getting angry. “Yes, can you bail me out?" He asks. Pitty, he thought I would agree. “No. Bye" I reply, ending the phone call. “Was that Evan?" Zayn asks. Did I mention Zayn was over protective of me? He treated me like I was one of his sisters. “Yes. He is in jail, and he wants me to bail him out" I explain, laughing at the end of the sentence. “Idiot. So he cheats on you, then asks you to bail him out?" He shakes his head in disbelief. “Pretty much" I shrug, putting my phone back in my purse. “Why did you date him?" Harry asks, out of nowhere. “I don’t know. I was foolish back then" I reply. I wasn’t really expecting him to ask me that. “What do you guys say if we try that new club near here?" Louis questions and I was the first one to agree. “High five Jonas" Louis laughs, while we high five. The guy knew how to make me laugh, and that was why I was really close to Louis. We all end up agreeing and I had to change my clothes. “I’ll drive you home to change" Zayn suggests and I nod. He drives me home, along with Perrie. I quickly change and do my hair before saying goodbye to my mum, and walking out. 

We make it to the club, and get out. We meet up with the others and go inside. We all sit down, and I end up having a seat next to Harry. “We’re going to dance, are you coming with us?" Louis asks, when he arrives with Eleanor. “No, I’ll stay here" I shrugg. “Alright, Harry keep an eye on her yeah?" Zayn says, standing up along with Perrie. “I am not 5, cuz" I sigh. I sometimes get annoyed when him or my brother get over protective. “Yeah, bye" Zayn chuckles, and with that my cousin leaves with his girlfriend. “Are you still mad at me?" Harry asks. I don’t know why he was being so friendly. "Not really, you apologized and that should do it" I reply, giving him a small smile. “If I ask you to dance with me, will you say yes?" He suddenly asks. God, I wasn’t ready for this. “Maybe, but since I am bored sure, why not?" I smirk, and he just laughs. Did I mention he had the cutest smile? I guess I did but yeah. “I’ll be back, I’m gonna hit the restroom" He excuses himself, and I nod in agreement. I feel a hand, grabbing my forearm and I thought he came back. I turn around, to see that it wasn’t actually him. “Miss me yet?" The voice whispers in my ear, sending shivers all over my body. Not good shivers, fear shivers.

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