The Way

Just read and find out! It's very interesting(:


1. Chapter 1

 The alarm clock goes off at exactly 6 am. “Shit" I curse, sighing. I forgot to turn it off yesterday. It was Saturday, which means my day off from the photoshoots and all that stuff. I toss and turn trying to sleep, but no use. I am a light sleeper, once I am up, I hardly can go back to sleep, expect when I’m tired. I check the time and it was 7 : 05 am. Wow, I’ve pretty much stayed awake, doing nothing for an hour. I manage to stumble my way to the bathroom, where I have my morning shower, like everyday. Call me a freak, but yeah I love showers. 

"Alice, are you awake?" My brother calls, knocking on my room door. “Yes, I am. Let me get dressed" I answer, throwing my blouse, some shorts and my white converse. I dry my hair, and lift it into a messy bun, before getting out. “What’s up brother?" I smirk, opening the door for him. “Mum is going over at Aunt Tricia’s, she wants to know if you’re coming?" He asks, basically going to my room and chilling on my bed. “This early? But, yeah I will go. I miss Zayn" I reply, checking my phone. “Yes this early, because they are having like a family reunion, and we are invited. So, she is going to help her" He explains, waiting for my answer. “Alright then, let me grab my - Here, I’m ready" I smile, before putting my phone in my hand, grabbing my bag and leaving the room, following Luke. 

"Oh, you’re awake sweetie" My mum, smiles as she gets me some cereals, and a glass of juice. “I didn’t turn off my alarm clock, so it went off at 6" I pout, while eating. “It’s fine, you can have some sleep in the car" She states, washing the dishes. It was just, my mum Liz, my brother Luke & I. My dad dissapeared pretty much when I was four, so I have no idea on how he looks like or stuff like that. The only two members of my family, were very supportive of my career choice. At first, Luke wasn’t very welcoming of me becoming a model, but after realizing how much pretty girls I can hook him up with, he came around. I finish eating, and we get in my mother’s car, driving to Zayn’s.

We arrive, and hop out. I knock, and my aunt Tricia opens, almost immediately. She was my mother’s sister, so the Malik’s and us, were pretty close. “Hey" I greet, giving her a warm hug. “Alice, you grew so much since I last saw you" She says, hugging me back, rubbing my back with her hand. “You saw me like last week, but oh well" I joke. She lets us in, and Zayn’s  sister, Waliyha comes to me. “We are all in the back yard, come on" She says, excited, dragging me with her. I excuse myself, following her. We get to the back yard, where all five lads from One Direction, along with Zayn’s girlfriend Perrie, Waliyha, Doniya & Safaa, were there. “Alice!" Perrie yells, running to hug me. “Hello" I giggle, giving her a massive hug. She invites me to sit after I hugged my cousin, and the others. “How’s work?" Liam asks. “Since we are in May, I’m going to be working.. a lot" I sigh, brushing a hair from my face. “But, other than that it’s good?" Zayn asks, turning to see me as I was sitting on his left, with Luke. “Yes, very busy but yes" I smile, and they all smile back.One thing I did realize, was Harry. He was sitting a bit far from us, on his phone like usual. He never actually payed attention to us talking. Him & I weren’t exactly ‘buddies’, he always shoots rude, and sarcastic comments and well I just reply with similar ones. “Earth to Styles, are you here?" I joke, while they all laugh. “Shut up Plastic Barbie, I’m trying to focus on something here" He comments, being rude. He never actually called me that. I get it, I’m blonde that’s why he calls me Barbie, but why plastic? I wasn’t trying to be fake or anything. “You don’t have to be rude you know? I was just joking" I confess, standing up and leaving almost immediately. I hear Perrie calling me but I ignore her. I feel someone grab my forearm, making me stop running away. “He didn’t mean it, I’m sorry" Zayn says, giving me a pleading look. “Yeah, it’s not the fact he meant it or not, but I’m not a plastic Barbie doll. I get it, I’m blonde, but I’m not fake" I reply, feeling tears gather up. I get easily hurt by words, and even though I hardly show it, words do hurt me. 

"I’ll talk to him later, come on just go back" He suggests. “No, Zayn. I’m going to help my mum or yours or something. I’ll be fine" I smile, hugging him. “Are you sure?" He repeats, to make sure. “Yes, go" I encourage, sending him back to his friends, while I make my way to the kitchen. “So, do you guys need help?" I ask, leaning on the kitchen counter. “Yeah, actually a lot. Call the girls, and come" My mum answers, and I nod. I was walking back to the back yard, when I bump into someone. 

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