(2) Risky Situations - Completed


Justin has been suffering in jail for 2 and a half years. Jessica has been staying the the bieber-mallette household for the past 2 years, feeling depressed without Justin.
Justin thinks Jessica doesn't love him. after all that has happened.
when he is released will things go back to normal?


Copyright © 2013 by Love_kidrauhl
All rights reserved.


37. without you

(One week later)


Jessica’s POV


‘Is this the last box?’ I whined, holding my back, as it was aching from all the heavy boxes I carried in.

‘Yeah.’ Justin yelled, walking in with two boxes tucked underneath his arms.

I smiled and wiped my forehead, before collapsing on our new leather couch, which Justin and some mover mean placed in the living room.

Justin and I went furniture shopping over the last week, preparing for our new house. Soon, the spot next to me sunk, and I opened my just recently closed eyes.

Justin put my legs on my lap and sighed wearily, resting his head against the back of the couch.

‘It’s been a long day.’ I say, sitting up and crawling over to him.

‘Yeah it has.’ He said, as I got on top of him, straddling him. He chuckled and wrapped his hands around my thighs, pulling me closer. He rested his forehead on mine, and pulled me closer, so our lips were brushing.

‘Have I told you I love you?’ He mumbled on my lips, before he kissed me softly and quickly.

‘Yeah, but have I told you I loved you back?’ I asked a smile on my lips.

‘I don’t know.’ Justin said cockily, before I pushed his chest.

‘Just kidding, just kidding.’ He said, pulling me even closer if possible.

Then, he placed his soft pink lips on mine, and I kissed back immediately. He pulled out after about 5 minutes and leaned back on the couch again.

‘Baby, I’m tired.’ He whined, rubbing his face with his hands.

‘Yeah me too.’ I yawned, burying my head into his neck.

‘Come on.’ He mumbled, before he lifted me off the couch and started walking towards the stairs. I giggled, and wrapped my arms around his neck and nuzzled my head into his chest.

Justin walked to the end of the hallway, and kicked the slightly opened door with his foot, and walked in. this was our room, and it was huge, compared to our old room anyway.

We had several boxes in here, and a king-size bed in the middle of the room. Justin laid me down, and hovered over me, giving me soft long kiss on the lips.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, and pulled him closer, traveling my hands upwards to his hair. I started pulling on it, as the kiss became more forceful.

Justin pulled out, and smiled at me, breathing slightly heavier then normal. He fell next to me on the bed and wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer.

I rested my head on his chest, and Justin pulled his legs up, to put the blanket over us. He kissed my temple, and whispered something in my ear.

‘Only 5 months left.’

Then his breathing became heavier, indicating he was sleeping. I smiled at the mention of our baby. But then when I think of the baby, the negative thoughts, like Chaz, come into my mind.

I shake my head mentally and fall asleep in my baby-boy’s arms.




‘Baby, wake up.’ I say to Justin, as he rolls over and groans.

‘Come on.’ I giggle, before getting up.

I’m starting to crave pickles. My stomach grumbles as I walk towards the bedroom door and out into the hallway. I walked down the stairs and into our new kitchen.

We plugged in the fridge yesterday. I opened one of the doors and looked around for some pickles.

Just my luck, I found a jar.

I hungrily pulled them out and unscrewed the lid and looked back in the fridge for any sauce. I found some strawberry sauce, so it had to do.

I took a pickle out and squeezed some sauce on it, before eating it. I took the jar and the sauce to the living room, and sat on the couch.

I picked up the remote from the floor, because we haven’t bought a coffee-table yet. I turned the TV on and picked up my food, and started eating.

Soon, Justin walked in and kissed my head. He looked at me like I was crazy.  

‘Baby-girl, what are you eating?’ he asked, picking up the bottle of strawberry sauce, and eyeing the pickles.

‘Pickles with strawberry sauce?’ I said, shrugging.

‘Ew, yuck.’ I heard Justin mutter, before he disappeared into the kitchen.

I giggled, before a news report came up on the screen. I rolled my eyes when I saw Justin’s name appear on the screen.



‘Police are yet again on the look out for wanted murderer, Justin Bieber, for reportedly killing Charles Somers, a 21-year old man. After Justin was released months ago, after his 3 year sentence, it seems he hasn’t learnt his lesson. He may also be involved with missing Ryan butler who a source claimed was his old best-friend.’


I groaned and turned the TV off. This is the third news report of Justin I’ve seen on the news this last two months. Justin walked into the living room with his bowl of cereal and he sits next to me.

‘Baby, what’s wrong?’ he asked, putting his bowl down on the floor and moving closer to me.

‘You were on the news again.’ I mumbled, putting my food down as well.

He gapes slightly then he clenches his jaw. His hands ball into fists and then he sighs, calming down slightly. He shakes his head and gets up, bringing his cereal with him.

‘Baby where are you going?!’ I asked, watching him storm up the stairs.

But he doesn’t answer me, and he continues to walk up the stairs. I sigh and get up off the couch, picking up the food. I put the left over pickles in the fridge and the strawberry sauce.

I sighed and walked back up the stairs. I walked up to our door to hear Justin talking to someone. I opened the door slightly to see him on the phone. What is he doing?

I listened into his conversation, even if it wasn’t right.

‘Yeah… it’s not good for me to be here… what if they take me away?... I have to go… book me a plane ticket… to Atlanta, GA… I need to go… yeah… she’ll be devastated… I would be too… she is… but it’s the right choice… I can’t bring her with me… I don’t want her to get into this more then she already has… yeah thanks… my name is jay Mallette for the moment… I got the fake passport… ok thanks Dav, bye.’



WHAT!!! O.o





Stay swaggy ;)

Never say never <3

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