(2) Risky Situations - Completed


Justin has been suffering in jail for 2 and a half years. Jessica has been staying the the bieber-mallette household for the past 2 years, feeling depressed without Justin.
Justin thinks Jessica doesn't love him. after all that has happened.
when he is released will things go back to normal?


Copyright © 2013 by Love_kidrauhl
All rights reserved.


14. look at me

Jessica’s POV


I tossed and turned in Justin’s bed and finally opened my eyes. Sleeping was hopeless. I couldn’t sleep without Justin, it was almost impossible.

I haven’t fully recovered yet, so I still don’t feel safe unless im in his arms. I heard a knock at the door and shot up, running a hand through my hair.

‘Wh-who is i-it?’ I asked, stuttering.

‘Sweetie, it’s Pattie.’ I heard the person say, opening the door and walking in. she sat on the edge of the bed and sighed.

‘What’s wr-wrong?’ I asked.

‘I can’t sleep…’ she said, sighing.

‘J-Justin?’ I asked, tears threatening to fall.

‘Yeah sweetie, what’s wrong with you?’ she asked, tucking a piece of hair behind my ear.

Pattie was like a mother to me, since we got to know each other. But that’s kinda weird, your boyfriend’s mother being your mother? Oh well, I don’t care…

‘I can’t sleep… without Justin…’ I reply, tears pouring down my face.

Pattie nodded and stood up, straightening her pajamas. She sighed and said

‘We are going to find him, now.’ I was taken back by her order, but I nodded quickly.

‘Alright then, get dressed and I’ll meet you downstairs.’

I nodded and sighed, getting out of the warm covers and towards the closet. I pulled out some skinny jeans and a black hoodie.

I slipped them on, after taking off my other clothes, and also slipped on black vans. I brushed my hair, and tied it up in a high ponytail.

I sighed and walked downstairs to face Pattie, after I slipped my phone in my pocket. I haven’t seen either of the Christians since Justin got out of jail, well had a conversation with them.

Pattie nodded at me, and we went outside and got into her car.

‘So where to?’ I asked, yawning as it was about 3 in the morning.

‘We are going to that horrible drug-house, Chris talks about.’ She says, gagging.

I nod my head, even if she couldn’t see me, and leaned my head against the window.

This is going to be a long night. We pull up in the driveway, so I get out after Pattie.

The house was pretty normal; besides the fact it had multiple gun-shots in the doors and walls. It even looked like someone tried setting the place on fire a couple of times, by the way the bottom of the door curled up, black, crackled and bubbly.

We approached the door slowly and knocked on it. A guy opened the door, you was quite attractive. He has dark blonde hair and electric blue eyes. He smiled at me and then turned to Pattie, raising his eyebrows.

‘Oh hey Ms. Mallette.’ He said, putting a hand behind his neck.

Hold up, Pattie knows this guy?

‘Why hello Steven, pleasure to see you here.’ She says, rolling her eyes.

‘And hey gorgeous.’ ‘Steven’ says, winking at me. I scoff and roll my eyes as well.

He sighs and looks behind him, and says

‘Can I help you?’ he says, sounding irritated.

‘Um yes actually.’ Pattie says ‘is my son in here?’

‘Christian, no.’ he says, sighing.

‘No she meant Justin.’ I snapped.

‘Ok well yes, actually he’s here…’ he said trailing off, and hitting his head with his palm. What was that all about?

It wasn’t that hard to find Justin then… but I would have rather found him somewhere else, im not so fond of this place.

‘Well can we see him?’ Pattie asks, crossing her arms over her chest.

‘I’m not sure you want to, but fine go ahead.’ He says, making a walk-right-in gesture with his hands. Pattie and I face each other, a little scared and walk in.

the place reeks of drugs and cigarettes. And also a tangy smell of alcohol. It seems like every place I walk into has that smell.

I sigh and walk towards what I guess is the living room. I see a few guys smoking, a few rebellious couples making out in the corners and some just drinking.

I cringe and the view and then shrug it off. In the corner furtherest away from us, I see a guy holding a beer in one hand and has his arm around a girl’s waist, pressing her against the wall and making out with her. My heart breaks but I’m not so sure why.


Justin’s POV


I’m going to have a break. I’ve been looking for jess all afternoon, trying my hardest not to be caught. Which I haven’t, which is a good thing.

I stop when I see the drug-house in front of me, and decide to walk in. the smell of drugs is quite over-powering but I don’t mind.

I see Steven sitting in the corner with Liam, both holding beers in their hands. I walk up to them and say

‘Where can I get one of em?’

‘In the frigd- woah Justin!’ Steven says, standing up and giving me a hug.

‘Sup man.’ I say, tucking my hands in my pocket.

‘Nothing bro! Go grab a beer.’ He says, patting my back.

‘We are about to do some drugs!’ he says.

I shrug and walk to the fridge. Do those guys ever leave this place?




‘Mmm Jessica.’ I say against her lips, and I shove my tongue down her throat.

‘What are you talking about?’ she chokes out, struggling to speak. ‘I’m Rae.’ I hear a scream and immediately turn around to a crying Jessica.

Wait what?

I look back at the girl and see that she’s not Jessica at all. I gulp and run to jess wrapping my arms around her.

‘Jess, baby, I’m so sorry.’ I say into her hair.

I’m still slightly high and maybe a little drunk, but I know my baby when I see her. I feel her small hands on my chest, pushing me off her.

I let go of her and look into her eyes, tears pouring down her face. The whole house was looking at us.

‘Justin…’ she said, shaking her head.

‘Yes baby, im here.’ I say, taking her hands.

‘i-I’m speechless… I came here to tell you that I love you and to come home and be with me… I couldn’t sleep without your arms around me… i-I’ she choked out, before breaking down.

‘All those years… of waiting for my love to come back to me…’ she sniffed

‘Down the drain…’ she finished, taking her hand out of mine.

‘y-you don’t love me…’ she concluded, before running to my mom and hugging her. All the guys in the house were staring at me.

I felt horrible.

Tears fell from my eyes. I turned around to face Rae, who had her hand over her mouth and a sorry expression on her face. I don’t care about her…

I faced Jessica again and sighed, walking over to her. I looked at my mom, asking her if I could take her. She nodded and let go of jess, as I took her in my arms. Jessica just cried, hitting my chest with her balled fists.

‘Why do you do this to me!’ she screamed.

By now everyone was minding their own business.

‘Baby, baby… look, look at me.’ I said, putting my index finger under her chin to make her look up at me.

‘you have given me so many chances… you came back here to say you wanted me with you, to tell me how much you love me… and all I can say is… I love you so so so much, words can’t explain it. Sometimes, I stay up late at night, with you in my arms, planning our future. I am drunk, even high, but that doesn’t mean I don’t mean what I’m saying. My vision was blurred and as soon as I saw that girl… I thought it was you. I even called her Jessica.’ I chuckled.

‘Baby, I don’t deserve another chance, but if you love me as much as I love you, you would give me another one.’ I finished, looking her dead straight in the eyes.

She smiled lightly, before standing up on her tip-toes and kissing me softly on the lips.

I pulled away and said

‘Thank you, thank you so much...’ before a tear slipped from my eye.

‘Of course I love you Justin.’ She said, smiling at me.













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