(2) Risky Situations - Completed


Justin has been suffering in jail for 2 and a half years. Jessica has been staying the the bieber-mallette household for the past 2 years, feeling depressed without Justin.
Justin thinks Jessica doesn't love him. after all that has happened.
when he is released will things go back to normal?


Copyright © 2013 by Love_kidrauhl
All rights reserved.


24. crying

(One week later)


Justin’s POV


Cry. All I could do was cry like a baby. I was sitting on the floor in the living room, my head in my hands, my eyes bloodshot and tears constantly pouring down my cheeks.

All I could think about was what Jessica said, it playing over and over in my head was agonizing torture. I’ve never felt this way about a girl before, especially in high-school, as I was a player.

But all that has changed; now I’m a lovesick criminal, on the run from the cops once again. My thoughts were interrupted by the front door opening. 

My head shot up, thinking it was Jessica, so I stood up and ran to the front door, soon discovering that it wasn’t her. I sighed; my shoulders slumped back, as I looked at my mom sadly.

‘Justin what’s wrong?’ she asked, dropping her luggage.

She pulled me into a hug and I returned the favor, burying my head in her shoulder, sobbing once again.

‘She, she l-left mom…’ I whispered into her shoulder.

As soon as I said that, her head shot up to look at me, tears in her own eyes.

‘Why? What? How?’ she asked, confused.

‘I um…’ I mumbled, pulling out of the hug.

‘Come Justin, let’s sit down.’ she said, picking up her luggage once again, and walking past me into the living room. I sat on the couch, folding my hands in my lap.

‘Well?’ she asked, sitting next to me and placing a hand on my thigh.

‘I well… I was washing the dishes… and I turned around after hearing her call for me.’ I started, sniffling.

‘And um… I had a butcher’s knife in my hand, because that was what I was washing, and he looked at me scared, backing up.

Then, we had a bit of a conversation and she screamed please Justin don’t kill me.’ I continued, wincing at the memory.

Mom gasped, putting her other hand over her mouth. I sighed and continued.

‘I ran out, angry and upset wondering why the hell she would think I would hurt her.’ I said through clenched teeth, starting to feel angry again.

‘She came after me… and explained why she did that… well; it was because she had a dream… I felt regretful after that, because well I was yelling at her for not trusting me…’ I said, becoming less tense, feeling tears pour down my face again.

‘She-she left me… after that…’ I finished, burying my head in my hands again.

‘Aw Justin.’ She said, side-hugging me the best she could.

‘Sh-she’s g-gone…’ I whispered.

‘Well Justin.’ My mom started, pulling my hands away from my face by my wrists.

I looked at her, seeing her sympathetic look.

‘Justin, she might of thought that was best, just to leave you. She is pregnant after all, and maybe she thought it was best for the baby just to leave you.’

‘But how?!’ I asked, ‘the baby needs a father… and I need my girl and the baby!’ I yelled, feeling ashamed and regretful.

‘Justin, calm down.’ my mom said, taking my hands.

‘You see, when I lose a certain person that is really important to me I say – if you let them go and they come back they were never meant to leave. But if you let them go and they never came back, then it wasn’t meant to be.’

I nodded and sighed again.

‘Thanks mom…’

‘My pleasure sweetie.’ She said, patting my lag one more time, before picking her luggage up from the floor and making her way to her room.

But what if she doesn’t come back?


Jessica’s POV


‘Hey Christian, can you drop my off at the hospital.’ I ask, as I make my way out of the kitchen.

‘Yeah sure, but why?’ he asked, scratching the back of his neck.

‘Well I need an appointment… for the baby.’

‘Oh ok then…’

I nodded and went down a hallway, to my bedroom. Christian, as I just recently found out, actually lives in Atlanta, but comes here often to visit griffin.

Therefore, his parents bought him a house, for when he wants to come here and that’s where im staying.

i hadn’t seen him since Justin was released from jail, so I just gave him a call and told him my situation, as he was the only person I could talk to.

He gladly let me stay with him. For the week I’ve been here, I’ve gotten to know griffin better, as she’s always visiting Christian.

I got changed into a pair of dark-washed skinny jeans and a gray v-neck. I slid on a brown leather jacket and swung my shoulder bag over my head.

I slipped on my chucks and looked in the mirror. My hair was brushed and in it’s natural state, wavy.

I sighed and looked down at my wrist, were the bracelet just gave me occupied. I never took it off, after the day he went to jail. I still refuse to take it off, even if Justin and I aren’t together. I feel like crying thinking about it. I still cry, when Christian isn’t looking.

Maybe the breakup has given me more emotional stress. No, I refuse to back after Justin, especially after he said he didn’t trust nor believe me.

I sighed and applied my make up, before walking out of the small bedroom and out the front door. I saw Christian sitting in the car, looking down at his lap, probably looking through his phone.

I walked to the car and opened the passenger door, hopping in next to him.

‘Ready?’ he asked, looking up and me smiling.

‘Yep.’ I said, releasing a small barely-audible sigh.

‘K, let’s go.’ He said, pushing the key into the ignition.








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