(2) Risky Situations - Completed


Justin has been suffering in jail for 2 and a half years. Jessica has been staying the the bieber-mallette household for the past 2 years, feeling depressed without Justin.
Justin thinks Jessica doesn't love him. after all that has happened.
when he is released will things go back to normal?


Copyright © 2013 by Love_kidrauhl
All rights reserved.


30. a little hang out

Jessica’s POV


‘ARRGHHHHHHH!’ I hear Justin scream, as soon as we entered the house.

‘Oh my god JUSTIN WHAT’S WRONG?!’ I scream, rushing over to him.

‘Nothing, that was my loud ass stretching noise.’ He explains, wrapping his arms around my waist. I cross my arms over my chest and watch him pout at me.

‘Justin, that was not funny.’ I say, keeping my seriousness.

‘Awww come on babyyy.’ Justin whines, kissing my neck lightly.

I put my hands on his chest and push him off me, taking him by surprise. I turn on my heels and walk to the living room.

I sat on the couch, crossing my legs and my arms. Soon, the spot on the couch next to me sinks, indicating someone has sat next to me.

Soon, that someone kisses my cheek.

I turn my head around and smile at Justin. He chuckles and pulls me into his lap. I rest my head on his chest ad sigh, grabbing his hand and intertwining our fingers.

‘Happy to be home.’ He whispers into my ear.

I nod and close my eyes.

‘Happy to have you back.’


Justin’s POV


She soon falls asleep on my lap. I chuckle lightly and pick her up bridal style, carrying her towards the stairs.

‘Don’t stuff up this time Justin.’ I hear someone say.

I turn around, to see Dina leaning on the railing of the stairs, her arms crossed over her chest.

‘Yeah, I know.’ I mumble, before continuing to carry her upstairs. I place her on our bed and tuck her underneath the covers.

I kiss her forehead lightly, before walking towards the door. I open it quietly, making sure it doesn’t creak, before getting out and shutting it behind me.

I sigh, running hand through my hair, before stepping downstairs. I meet Dina. Who was standing where she was before.

She looks up from the ground, and her icy blue eyes meet mine. I sigh and she says.

‘Justin, you know you can’t keep that up.’

‘Keep what up?’ I ask her, confused.

‘The weed, alcohol, the crime… Justin you’re going to be a father.’ She says sympathy in her voice.

‘Yeah, and I already have.’ I say my voice a little louder than intended.

‘Alright then.’ She says, putting her arms up in mock surrender.

I was about to walk past her to get something from the kitchen, when she grabbed my forearm.

‘I set up a little hang out for you.’ She whispers.

‘What?!’ I ask her, confused again.

‘I found this guy, and I talked to him an asked if he would hang out with my cousin.’ She explains.

‘Why would you do that?! I spat.

‘Well, you seem lonely. And you have to go; he’s expecting you in 10 minutes.’

‘fine, where am I meeting him? ‘I mumble, now facing her.

‘At his house.’ She says, giving me his address. I looked down at the paper.

90 Strachan Street

I rolled my eyes and stuffed the piece of paper in my pocket. I was presentable, so I walked to the door, grabbing my keys off the counter.

‘Going so soon?’ my mom asked from the living room, placing her coffee mug on the coffee-table.

‘Yeah, Dina set something up for me.’

‘Oh alright.’ She says, looking back at the TV.

I open the front door and walk out to my car. I hop in and sigh, possibly for the one-hundredth time today, before sliding the key into the ignition.

I started the car and start driving. Strachan Street, if I can remember, was on the good side of town. I start driving. It takes me about 10 minutes, but I make it.

I hop out of the car and straighten my shirt. I pull my gaze up, to face a well looked-after white house.

The garden was all pruned, and even contained some topiary. I cursed under my breath, making it to the front door. I knocked on the door and the person I was faced with, was not who I expected.







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