Little London Girl

Em hates One Direction. She hears all about them all day by her little sister Kayla. Finally, Em thinks she's done with hearing about them when she goes off to college but soon realizes that she'll never be free of One Direction, not when she run's into one of the boys and her world unravels.


24. The cabin

*Louis' POV*

I tossed my duffel bag into the back of the van's trunk and crawled into the very back of the van. Paul was driving and one of his security guys, Shaggy is what we called him, sat in the front. Zayn, Harry, and Niall sat in the middle part of the van. And me and Liam sat in the very back. Paul and Shaggy were talking about some new ideas on how to protect us and the fans during concerts, Zayn was asleep, Niall and Harry were playing some game together on their phones, and Liam was trying to be a good mate and strike up a conversation with me but I wasn't really in the mood. So he joined Harry and Niall's game. I wasn't exactly sure where we were going but we drove way out of London, for about 3 or 4 hours until we were surrounded by tree's.

"Alright lads," Paul said as we past a cabin after about 30 more minutes of just driving through tree's. That there was the only cabin around here, so don't bother them. Our cabin is just up here about half a mile up," Paul explained as we pulled into a dirt driveway. Shaggy got out and started putting our bags inside. "There's a game room down stairs where you boys will be, there's three room's so two of you will have to share. Shaggy and I will be upstairs," he said as we walked in.

One wall was pretty much all window's and overlooked a small stream. A fireplace sat in the middle of the windows and a large leather couch and two arm chairs sat around the fireplace. A large moose head hung above the fireplace. The kitchen sat in the corner, and was extremely small. You could probably only fit one person in there. A table sat between the family room and kitchen. A staircase lead upstairs to where Shaggy was going to be sleeping and if we needed phone service then there was a working phone up there. Great. No service. I pulled out my phone just to check. Yep. None. There was three doors down a small hallway. One was a small bathroom, another was Paul's room, and the other was the staircase down.

At the bottom of the stairs was another door which Paul told us to keep shut at night so he could get some sleep. There was a large area with a pool table, Foosball, and air-hockey and a couch and then a hall way with five doors. Three were identical bedrooms excepts for one in the back corner which had bunk-beds instead of a double bed. Niall agreed to share with me. The other was a large bathroom that we would be sharing, and the other was a laundry/storage room that looked like a horror movie. 

I sat down on the couch in the basement and watched as the others were playing games and stuff. I didn't really feel like playing. After awhile Zayn sat down next to me.

"You alright mate?" he asked. I just sighed. "I guess I should be asking if your going to be alright?" he rephrased the question.

"Yeah, I'll be fine once we find Em," I said.

"Why don't you try and take your mind off of her?" he suggested. "Want to come play some games?" he asked as he stood up.

"Na," I said. "I've been in a house for a week. I'm gonna go out and get some fresh air," I said as I stood up.

"Want me to come with you?" he asked. I nodded. I would like some company. We walk upstairs and Paul and Shaggy were talking at the table.

"Where you two going?" Paul asked.

"Going for a walk," I said.

"Alright, well take the walkie talkies in case something happens and don't go too far," Shaggy said as he dug around in his bag and pulled out a walkie talkie.

"Stay together!" Paul shouted out as he walked out the door.

Zayn and I picked a path that led down the mountain and we walked for about 10 minutes before we found that other cabin.

"Should we head back?" Zayn asked. It was the first thing he had said since we left.

"No, lets check it out," I said as I walked closer. It looked like our cabin but it was only two levels instead of three. I walked around and saw a girl sitting in the window she was wrapped in a blanket asleep. I moved closer and Zayn tapped my arm. I looked back and saw him close behind but saw he was a bit apprehensive.

"Let's be careful, Paul said to stay away from this cabin," Zayn whispered.

I nodded and moved closer so I could see but moved behind a tree. I saw a guy with long black hair walk up to the sleeping girl, who looked familiar, and rip the blanket off her. She woke up with a jerk and then I saw her face. It was Em. I looked over at Zayn who recognized her too. She was in pain. The guy handed her a plate of something but she pushed it away. The man looked mad and slapped. her. I stood up from behind the tree but Zayn grabbed my arm and pulled me down.

"He has a gun dummy, you just gonna charge in there and demand her back?" he hissed. I sighed.

I kneeled back down behind the tree to watch. It was like watching a horror movie. I wanted to keep yelling at the guy. Eventually he walked away and she turned towards the window and I could've sworn she was looking right at me if her eyes weren't shut. She had a black eye and a big bruise on her lip and a large red mark on her face. Blood. What had they done to her!?! I stood up and Zayn stood up too.

"We need to get her out of there. She needs our help," I said as I took off running back to our cabin.

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