Little London Girl

Em hates One Direction. She hears all about them all day by her little sister Kayla. Finally, Em thinks she's done with hearing about them when she goes off to college but soon realizes that she'll never be free of One Direction, not when she run's into one of the boys and her world unravels.


13. Pool party and taco's

Louis showed me to a large guest room that was bigger than my entire flat. I set my duffel bag on the bed and Louis helped me unpack. We heard a door downstairs shut and Harry's voice ring up the stairs.

"Hey Lou!" Harry called.

"Hey Hazza!" Louis called down to him. "Can you come up here for a sec?" he asked. We heard Harry walking up the steps and then he walked into the room.

"Hey Em, how's it going?"  Harry asked as he saw me.

"It's alright," I answered as I placed some pants into the dresser. Louis explained to Harry what had been going on. He talked about the notes and how Kayla called him and the break in. And how I was going to be staying with them for awhile. Harry nodded as if he understood everything.

"Well then you kids have fun," Harry joked as he poked my side. I squirmed away. I was very ticklish and didn't like it when people tickled me. "Oh someones tickelish," Harry said as he walked out of the room. Louis smiled at me.

"What are you planning?" I asked. I could just tell that he was planning something.

"Oh nothing," he said as I placed one last shirt into a drawer. "How about we go get some dinner?" Louis asked. "I can try and convince Harry to cook for us," he said as he led me down the stairs.

"Oh by the way the lads are coming over. They wanna swim so I'm gonna make tacos," Harry said as we walked into the kitchen. Harry was already wearing a pair of green cameo swim trunks. 

"Sounds fun," I said. "I'll run up and get my swim suit on," I said as I kissed Louis' check and ran up the stairs.

I pulled out my light blue swim suit. It was a two piece that had dark blue, yellow, and white polka-dots. I quickly changed and ran down the stairs. The rest of the lads were already out in the pool while Harry cooked in the outdoor kitchen. I walked out and sat down on the edge of the pool and let my legs drape over the edge into the water. Harry called for everyone to get out and eat and Niall jumped out of the food, flailing his arms like a toddler.

"Foooood!" he yelled as he ran up to Harry who handed him a taco but Niall grabbed two more and then sat down at the table. I waited for Louis to get out and held his hand as he grabbed out food. Louis grabbed two taco's, and I grabbed one. We sat down and began to eat. "Hey Em, why did you only grab one?" Niall asked as he took another bite of his second taco.

"I only want two. If I want another then I'll go get it," I said.

"And if you don't want two?" Niall asked.

"Then you get it Nialler," I said.

Niall fist pumped the air and took another bite of his taco. After my first taco I went up to get another one and sat down to eat it. I finished that one off quickly. By the time I was done with my second one, Niall had already finished five. That boy could eat! When everyone was done all the boys jumped into the pool. I sat down on one of the chairs. I didn't really feel like getting wet. After a bit I felt water drops falling onto my stomach. I looked up to see Niall and Louis standing over me with evil grins. I shaded my eyes to see them better, not knowing what they were thinking.

"Go!" Louis yelled and Niall grabbed my legs and Louis grabbed my arms and walked towards the pool.

I yelled and tried to free myself but they were too strong. Louis laughed right before the dropped me into the pool. I popped up out of the water and I saw Louis and Niall in the corner of the pool laughing. Harry, Liam, and Zayn were around me laughing too. I shot them all an evil glance and swam towards Louis. I had to get revenge. Louis quickly swam past me. I wasn't a very good swimmer but after a while of chasing him around I cornered him. Louis put his hands up as if he was surrendering.

"Come on Em, I'm sorry," Louis laughed. "Kiss?" he asked. I just shook my head. I honestly didn't know what I was going to do but I guess I would just try and push him under the water. I wasn't very good at revenge. I swam in closer to Louis and grabbed his shoulders and pushed him under the water. And as expected Louis popped right back up and started laughing. "That was your revenge?" he laughed. I nodded. "That was pathetic. I need to teach you my ways of revenge and pranks," he said. I laughed.

"Alright, just no more dunking me in the water," I said. Louis nodded.

"Maybe," he said after. I laughed and swam over to the boys who were playing pool basketball.

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