Little London Girl

Em hates One Direction. She hears all about them all day by her little sister Kayla. Finally, Em thinks she's done with hearing about them when she goes off to college but soon realizes that she'll never be free of One Direction, not when she run's into one of the boys and her world unravels.


21. Headlights

*Harry's POV*

Louis paced back and forth in the living room while Paul and the police discuses some things in the kitchen. We had turned on Greece to try and occupy him but he was restless. Paul had told us that we weren't allowed to leave the house and Louis was going crazy I think. I know how much he hated not knowing where Em was, actually we all did. We all kinda fancied her, especially Niall, but none of us would tell Louis that. Paul had walked up the stairs to search Em's room for clues since the only evidence we had was the notes from Eleanor who was in prison and the unknown number that couldn't be traced. A few minutes later Paul came walking down stairs holding a piece of paper.

"Louis, do you know anything about this?" he asked handing Louis the paper. Louis took it and looked at it and shook his head.

"No, but this is, this is Eleanor's handwriting," he whispered. "Where did you find this?" he asked. A officer walked down the stairs and handing him a the pair of pants that the note came from. "She wore these when we went to talk to Eleanor," he said.

"Was she acting strange afterwards?" a officer asked as he wrote something down.

"Well she said that she was feeling sick," Louis said. "Maybe she was sick from seeing the note," he whispered, it was barely audible. Louis walked over and sat down on a chair. I walked over and sat down on the arm of the chair and placed my hand on his shoulder.

"It'll be alright mate," I said. "We'll find her,"

"In the mean time, stay in the house," Paul said again for like the millionth time today. "We will find her Lou," he said as he walked out. A few officers stayed and walked around looking for anymore evidence but they couldn't find anything.

*Em's POV*

I walked along the side of the road, which took me like two hours to find. I had ran for a long time to get away from Zac but I think finally he stopped running after me. I think he didn't really care if I got away. I had been walking for awhile and I was tired and hungry and I found out that going to the bathroom in the forest is not pleasant. I was dirty and wet from stepping in a what I hopped was a puddle. And I even stepped in bear or elk or some large animal poop. 

I saw some headlight's heading up the hill and I stuck my thumb out like I was hitchhiking. It was someone on a motorcycle who just zoomed right on by. I think they might have even flipped me off as they past.

I was getting hungry and getting tired. I stopped and sat down on a rock and awhile later I saw another car coming. I stuck my thumb out again but realized that in the dark they probably couldn't see so I started jumping up and down. I felt like an idiot but at least they were starting to slow down. It was a large black van and I should've started running when I saw it but I guess I was so tired that my brain didn't register who it was until they rolled the window down. It was Alex. He smiled at me but he looked extremely mad.

"Now how'd you get out?" he asked as he pulled a gun out and pointed it at me.

I stuck my hands up and backed up a bit as he opened the door and stepped out. He grabbed me by my forearm and walked me towards the back of the van. He stuck his gun his holster and unlocked the back of the van. He tossed me inside and then I heard the door lock.

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