Little London Girl

Em hates One Direction. She hears all about them all day by her little sister Kayla. Finally, Em thinks she's done with hearing about them when she goes off to college but soon realizes that she'll never be free of One Direction, not when she run's into one of the boys and her world unravels.


7. Abs

Louis pulled over and stopped the car. I got out and Louis and I linked arm's as we walked up to my door. I was exhausted. The boys were very, very hyper and they wore me out. I fumbled with my key and after a few failed attempts, Louis opened the door. I smiled at him as he helped me over to the couch.

"Why don't you go get comfy and I'll get you a drink or something," Louis said.

I nodded and made my way over to the bathroom. I emerged from the bathroom in my yellow sweatshirt and black pants and sat down on the couch next to Louis who had poured me a cup of Dr Pepper, which was my favorite drink. I took a sip and smiled.

"Thanks Lou for a great day," I said as I curled up next to him.

"Well I'm glad you liked the lads," I felt him chuckle. "We can be a bit of a handful when we all get together. I'm sure we don't make Paul's job easier,"

"Whose Paul?" I asked as I took another sip of my drink.

"Paul is like our dad when we go on tour. He's always making sure we don't get hurt or we get in trouble. But we are five teenage lads, we are just asking for trouble,"

I started laughing just as my phone started to go off. I could tell it was my sister just by the ringtone. My phone was on my bed and Louis quickly stood up to answer it for me.

"Hello, this is Em's phone," Louis answered as he sat down next to me again. I was getting ready for the scream and already had a pillow over my head. Just then a loud high pitched scream erupted from my sister. Louis dropped my phone and then quickly picked it back up once she stopped screaming. "Hello?" Louis said again as he put the phone on speaker phone so we could both hear.

"Oh my freaking gosh!" Kayla erupted. "I can't believe that your here!" she yelled.

"Kayla, stop yelling, Louis is going to go deaf," I laughed.

"Oh so your the famous Kayla," Louis said. "Em has told me so much about you. I'm glad to finally talk to you," I smiled.

"Your glad to talk to me?" Kayla said as she pronounced ever syllable carefully. "I'm glad to be talking to you!" she yelled.

"What do you want Kay?" I asked after she stopped freaking out again. "I don't mean to be rude but I'm kinda on a date right now," I said.

"So it is true!" I heard her yell but she seemed far away. Then there was several other screams in the background. "Ohmagosh! My sister is dating Louis Tomlinson! EEEKKK!!!" and then the line went dead. Or more like my phone died. I started to laugh.

"I told you she was obsessed," I said as I set my phone on the coffee table. I yawned. 

"I should go and let you get some sleep," Louis said as he started to stand up.

"No," I said as I grabbed his hand. "Why don't you stay?" I asked in a quiet voice. I had never asked a guy to stay the night with me before. I could feel my cheeks turn red. Louis smiled.

"Really?" he asked. "Well if you really want me to," he said. I stood up and walked over to my bed. It wasn't a huge bed but it was defiantly big enough for two people.

"I'm going to go change into something else," I said as I walked off. I came back out in a purple tank top and some white short shorts. I usually wore this in the summer back home when it was really hot. Louis just stood at the foot of my bed awkwardly. "You can get in," I said as I sat down. Louis smiled and then looked down. "Whats wrong? If you don't want to sleep with me then that's fine, I won't be offended. I just don't feel like being here alone tonight," I said.

"No it's not that, it's just at home I usually sleep in, you know..." Louis said as he raised his eyebrow's. I nodded.

"Oh right, well go ahead but keep your boxer's on,"

I giggled as Louis took off his pants and then his shirt and crawled in next to me. I pulled the covers over us as I place my hands on Louis's abs and slowly drifted off to sleep while he hummed.

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