Living with the ribbon

Casey's life isn't normal. It's rough. Hard to deal with. She has no choice to die young, will she live it out or not?


1. One

It's not easy being me. I have so much to deal with. Lung cancer, motherless, and I'm dislexic. This is not a proper intro, I know, it's like a diary about every detail of what I do. I have dark dark brown hair and bold blue eye. I'm not the skinnyest girl around more medium, and 15 years old. I just got my new start in suburb north of Dallas Texas. Today is the first day. I walk through the doors, timidly, getting confused looks and whispers that find there way upon my ear drums. 'Who is she,' they say. 'Why are you here,' they say. 'You look different,' they say. I am different, my look I mean, I wear old worn comfortable cloth drapped around my body while others wear only the newest styles and ugly stelleto high heel, as far as the girls go. I walk to the front office to pick up my school info. "Hi my name is Casey Bryan, this is my first day," I say in the nicest way possible to the perky squeaky voiced women in the resepition chair. 'Oh yes, I thought I saw a fresh face walking in, here is your locker number, code, and schedule,' the lady responds. "Thank you," I manage to say and slip out as quick as I can. I enter the hallway and whisked away from the door by the crowd. I peer down at the baby blue schedule it read AP math with Mr. Gransom in room B18. First I find my locker, the search begins, number 0019, I find after about four minutes later and open the latch after I dail in the numbers. I pail in my back pack and take out a note book, pencil, and my schedule. I close the locker only to be approched by an annoying cheerleader. 'Hi I'm Rebbecca Todd,'she said flowing from one ear to the next. "I'm Casey Bryan," I said. 'Well I'm part of the welcoming committee, so welcome,'she said then left. "What a welcome," I whispered to my self. I scour the hall for room B18. Lucky I can see it from my locker. As I take the short walk from my locker, the words fresh meat, newbie, and different were shout at me. I let those things roll off my back, and pretend they were never said. I finally entered the classroom to find the teacher sitting in his desk. "Hi I'm the new student in your class," I say in a respectful manner. 'Oh, yes yes I've been expecting you sometime this week,' he replies. "Yes I'm happy to join you this Tuesday morning," I try to say without grinding my teeth. 'Wait by my desk until class starts so I can introduce you and show you where to sit,'he say in a helpful voice, a natural teacher. Soon enough the bell rings. 'Attention, attention everyone this is our newest student at Justin High School, please give Casey Bryan a warm welcome,' Mr. Grandsom says. On the side he whispers for me to sit in the right back corner. I walk over in a quick pace. When I come to the seat I slump down trying to avoid and hide from the stares at the group of desks, unfortunately they continue. I rummage through my purse to see what I forgot, of course it what I need to live, my portable oxygen tank. Luckily there's one my mom had previously dropped off the day before to the nurse. As Mr. Gransom lectures the class I day dream. I dream of living forever, and not dying young from lung cancer. I start to tear up, next thing I know is that I'm being elbowed and someone askes 'are you ok.' "yeah, yeah, don't worry about me,"I reply wiping away a dripping tear. 'I'm Zander Murphy, by the way'. "Casey Bryan.".

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