The Girl on the Street

Izabella Montez, other wise know as Izzy, has never had a so called "normal life". Her mother died of cancer when she was 10 years old, her father then,4 years later, killed her little sister Jasmyn, and tried to kill Izzy but her older brother Jax jumped in the way. Her father ended up killing himself after only injuring Izzy, She now has a large scar on the underside of her left ear that she hides behind her hair. She was then sent to a foster home with 9 other kids, where the "parents" never took much care of any of the kids. This forced Izzy to find a way to take care of herself. Which she did, she used an old guitar from the home, and goes out into the streets of her home town in Omaha,Nebraska and sing to earn money. What happens when the members of a popular british boyband happen to catch interest in this girl and her no-so-normal life? Of course will Izzy learn to trust the boys or will she just chalk them up to be the same as everyone else in her life?


7. Reporters!


I woke up that morning and walked downstairs to find everyone finishing up breakfast,"Why didn't anyone  come wake me?" 

"I told Sam to do it." James said putting away left over hashbrowns.

"She never came to wake me..." I said starting to understand what was going on.

"Samantha Jean Carnel!" James said starting to get angry,"Why didn't you wake Izzy!"

"I'm not gonna talk to...her!" She spat out him before getting up and storming upstairs.

Gracie followed after her, and I let her. She'd always been the peace keeper of the house. I just sat down and munched on a piece of toast.

"You really pissed her off..." James said wiping down the counter.

"Yeah...I know.." I said looking at the ground," Where's Derrick and Lucy?"

"The Darrison's ,their partying buddies." He replied putting the last of the dishes away.

"So they will probably be gone a while then...great..." I sighed.


"Well, I'm gonna go out...probably be down by Mike's again." I said going upstairs and changing. ( )

I then headed out the door. I walked over to Mike's and set up. I began to play Temporary Home by Carrie Underwood. I then played Mama's Broken by Miranda Lambert.

When I finished that song I set my guitar down and counted my money, 21 dollars and 72 cents, not bad, but not great. I then looked up to see the boys walking over. Harry noticed me looking and waved.

"Hey guys what are you doing here?" I asked packing up.

"Mike's got good food." Niall said simply.

"You got that right!" I said with a smile.

"Wanna grab some lunch again?" Zayn asked.

"I couldn't..." I said hesitantly.

"Don't try that again." Louis said throwing me over his shoulder and carrying me in while Liam grabbed my guitar case.

"Put me down right now Suspenders!" I said laughing.

"Never!" He called out triumphantly!

"Help me Harry!" I laughed as Lou began to tickle me.

"Come on Lou put her down." Harry laughed and Louis put me down. 

"Party pooper." Louis pouted.

I stuck my tongue out at Louis and he did the same.

"Knock it off." Liam said stiffling a laugh.

We all sat down and all of a sudden a camera flashed and I looked over to see a horde of reporters gathered outside.

"Hide your face!" Harry whispered in my ears. I pulled my hat down farther and Zayn handed me his sunglasses and I quickly put them on. Oh no...

Then fans looked over and started screaming some where yelling out things like slut, whore, go die, I hope you drink bleach. Damn their fans are vicious.

The boys huddled around me and we hurried out of Mike's my guitar in hand.

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