The Girl on the Street

Izabella Montez, other wise know as Izzy, has never had a so called "normal life". Her mother died of cancer when she was 10 years old, her father then,4 years later, killed her little sister Jasmyn, and tried to kill Izzy but her older brother Jax jumped in the way. Her father ended up killing himself after only injuring Izzy, She now has a large scar on the underside of her left ear that she hides behind her hair. She was then sent to a foster home with 9 other kids, where the "parents" never took much care of any of the kids. This forced Izzy to find a way to take care of herself. Which she did, she used an old guitar from the home, and goes out into the streets of her home town in Omaha,Nebraska and sing to earn money. What happens when the members of a popular british boyband happen to catch interest in this girl and her no-so-normal life? Of course will Izzy learn to trust the boys or will she just chalk them up to be the same as everyone else in her life?


4. I Owe You Big Time

Zayn's Point of View ~

I can't believe such a seemingly sweet girl such as Izzy has had such a messed up life, and for some reason I feel there is even more beyond what she has already told us. I looked at Liam, hoping he'd be able to tell what I mean...I wanted to help Izzy in any way possible and we could by giving her tickets or backstages passes or even going down to the foster home...

Harry's Point of View ~

I looked over a Zayn, he had on a pleading gaze and was looking at Liam, I think almost everyone was...we all really wanted to help.

"Can you excuse me I need to use the restroom." Izzy said getting up and then head to the back of the diner.

We all began talking as soon as she was out of sight,"Liam we need to help her in at least some way!" Zayn began.

"Yeah mate, we can't just hear that and then walk away like it's nothing." Louis added.

"We could give her tickets or Backstage passes." I offered.

"Or we could visit the foster home or even give her the needed money." Niall said thoughfully.

Liam finally shushed us and told us that we had to agree on what to do. We quickly decided to slip a fifty dollar bill into her guitar case, along with four tickets, and four backstage passes. She came back just as we were latching the case shut.

Izzy's Point of View ~

I had gone to the bathroom to try and compose myself, when I came back the boys all looked me. They seemed genuinely nice but I could never tell... I have meet so many people who appear to be very kind hearted and caring but turn out to only want sex or money or some shit like that. I really wanna believe these guys are different but I can't let my guard down...and worst of all they are famous so who knows what they could be after... for all I know they could be hipped up on cocaine.

Finally the waiter came with our food and we all dug in. Mike's diner has always been one of the favorites at the Home, we usually save it for special occasions though. Just as I finished up my sandwich my phone buzzed in my was Grace.

From:Spacey Gracie

OMG! Where are you? You left like an hour ago and didn't say a word!


My phone then buzzed again... This time it was James.

From:Ja Rocks

Izzy, where the hell did you run off to! You have us all freaking out over here! Please just get home before the kids wake up and start crying...


It then buzzed a third time...

From:Krissy is The Best

Seriously Iz, where the hell are you at?

I quickly stood up,"Sorry guys but I really need to get going, it was good meeting you. Thanks again for lunch." 

I smiled and stood up grabbing my guitar case and turning to the door as they all rang out in unison with a warm good bye. I smiled at them again before walking out the door and quickly heading back to the home. Right as I got in the door Samantha, James, Gracie, Jakob, and Kristyn were right there.They immediately bombarted me wiht questions.

"Where were you? What took so long? You are never gone more than 30 minutes with out saying something what happened?" 

I just walked past them into the family room and sat on the old couch and placed my guitar beside the couch," Sorry, I ran into some people and they wanted to buy me lunch and this one would not let me refuse..he practically shoved me inside." I said tiredly.

"Who were they?" Samantha asked.

"Does it matter?" I asked popping open my guitar case.

Right as I took out my guitar a fifty fell out along with a few concert tickets and passes.

"What is it?" Kristyn asked trying to lean over my shoulder and look as I scooped them off the floor. I looked at the tickets...they were to the One Direction Concert as well as the passes. The guys from the band must have slipped them into my guitar case. 

Damn it... I hate letting people do things for me because then I feel like I owe them so now I owe these boys...Big Time.


Hey guys hope you are enjoying the story there are some twists coming up so hang in there. I have been trying to update daily if possible but detassling just started and that consumes most of my free time, but I am still trying! Anyway please do comment if you ship Hizzy or Zazzy...or if you have better ship names XD Lol.


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