The Girl on the Street

Izabella Montez, other wise know as Izzy, has never had a so called "normal life". Her mother died of cancer when she was 10 years old, her father then,4 years later, killed her little sister Jasmyn, and tried to kill Izzy but her older brother Jax jumped in the way. Her father ended up killing himself after only injuring Izzy, She now has a large scar on the underside of her left ear that she hides behind her hair. She was then sent to a foster home with 9 other kids, where the "parents" never took much care of any of the kids. This forced Izzy to find a way to take care of herself. Which she did, she used an old guitar from the home, and goes out into the streets of her home town in Omaha,Nebraska and sing to earn money. What happens when the members of a popular british boyband happen to catch interest in this girl and her no-so-normal life? Of course will Izzy learn to trust the boys or will she just chalk them up to be the same as everyone else in her life?


10. Help...

Izzy's Point of View ~

I don't know for sure how long it was until I finally pulled away. My hands immediately came to my lips, they still tingled from the kiss. My eyes were wide with shock of what I'd just done. That was my first kiss...and it was actually...good.

My cheeks suddenly burned and I looked at the ground. I bit my lip and traced my lips. Harry's hand moved to my cheek and turned my head to look at him. His emerald green eyes looked into my muddy brown ones. I could just feel my cheeks get even hotter.

He smirked and I knew he felt them warm as well. His hand then moved to brush through my hair. I smiled almost shyly. 

"You're so beautiful." He said with a cheeky smile.

"You say that to every girl." I said shyly.

"Only when it's true." He said right as our waiter came kind of killing the moment.

We ordered our food and he then left. I coughed awkwardly and Harry placed a hand my knee. We sat like that just talking until our food came. We then ate in silence. When we finished Harry grabbed my hand and we walked out of the restraunt.

It had become closer to dusk as we walked aimlessly around town. The city seemed to come to life at night, with the lights and the cars. It was one of the most beautiful city scenes. We walked into a local park and walked along one of the bike trails.

I finally walked back to the hotel with Harry to apologize to the other boys about running off. We walked in and all the boys stared at us, that's when I realize we were still holding hands, I let go and placed it behind my back. Zayn just walked out the door.

"Guys I just wanted to say I'm sorry for running out, I've just never shared most of these with anybody." I said quietly.

Louis was the first to come up and give me a comforting hug, Niall then followed behind him, Liam then joined us. I had to keep myself from crying and then left the four boys waving happily. I walked out the door and down the stairs to the lobby. As I walked outside a breeze of cool air hit me and I smiled.

Suddenly I was pulled into an allyway once again this time being pinned harshly against the brick wall. I flinched at first and then looked up to see a seemingly angry face of a familiar person. Oh god...

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