The Girl on the Street

Izabella Montez, other wise know as Izzy, has never had a so called "normal life". Her mother died of cancer when she was 10 years old, her father then,4 years later, killed her little sister Jasmyn, and tried to kill Izzy but her older brother Jax jumped in the way. Her father ended up killing himself after only injuring Izzy, She now has a large scar on the underside of her left ear that she hides behind her hair. She was then sent to a foster home with 9 other kids, where the "parents" never took much care of any of the kids. This forced Izzy to find a way to take care of herself. Which she did, she used an old guitar from the home, and goes out into the streets of her home town in Omaha,Nebraska and sing to earn money. What happens when the members of a popular british boyband happen to catch interest in this girl and her no-so-normal life? Of course will Izzy learn to trust the boys or will she just chalk them up to be the same as everyone else in her life?


1. Concert?

Izzy's Point of View ~

     It's been four years since the incident with my father, and four years since I was placed in The Penn Foster Home in Omaha. It's a nice place and all but we are all kind of left to our own devices, me being one of the oldest at 19 years old, I help watch after some of the kids. No place wants to hire some foster kid that looks like they've been living on the street half their life, so there is only one way I've been able to earn money...singing. 

     Obviously the income isn't the best but it's a hell of a lot better than being broke. I've being doing what I could to put food on the table and buy toys or necessities for the kids here ever since I turned fifteen. Three are 10  of us total, 4 year old Jade, the 8 year old twins Ashlynn and Toby, 10 year old Jakob, 14 year old Samantha, 15 year old Anthony, 15 year old Kristyn, 16 year old Grace, and then there is me and James who are only two weeks apart, James being the only one older than me.

Anyway everyday around noonish I head downtown to see if I can catch the lunch rush. I glance up at the clock and it's ten till, so I grab the beaten guitar and get ready to head out. Just as I reach the door Grace runs up behind me and begs me to let her come to. I normally don't let any of the  other kids go with me, just because down town isn't always the best place.

She begged though and I finally caved and we walked out the door.


After a fifteen minute walk to down town Omaha, I find a good place to set up. I pull out the aged guitar and pulled the strap over my head as Grace sat on the ground behind me. My fingers picked out a little melody as I tuned the guitar, I then went off of that and began to sing along.

She is a pyramid
But with him she's just a grain of sand
This love's too strong like mice and men
Squeezing out the life that should be let in

She was a hurricane-cane-cane-cane
But now she's just a gust of wind
She used to set the sails of a thousand ships
Was a force to be reckoned with

She could be a statue of liberty
She could be a Joan of Arc
But he's scared of the light that's inside of her
So he keeps her in the dark

Oh, she used to be a pearl...Ohh
Yeah, she used to rule the world...Ohh
Can't believe she's become a shell of herself
'Cause she used to be a pearl

She was unstoppable
Moved fast just like an avalanche
But now she's stuck deep in cement
Wishing that they'd never ever met

She could be a  statue of liberty
She could be a Joan of Arc
But he's scared of the light that's inside of her
So he keeps her in the dark

Oh, she used to be a pearl...Ohh
Yeah, she used to rule the world...Ohh
Can't believe she's become a  shell  of herself
'Cause she used to be a -

Do you know that there's a way out,
there's a way out
there's a way out
there's a way out

You don't have to be held down,
be held down
be held down
be held down

'Cause I used to be a shell
Yeah, I let him rule my world
my world, ohh, yeah

But I woke up and grew strong
And I can still go on
And no one can take my pearl

You don't have to be shell, No
You're the one that rules your world, ohh
You are strong and you'll learn
that you can still go on

And you'll always be a pearl

She is unstoppable


When I finish the song I realize I'd had my eyes shut the whole time because an applause startled me. Many generous people dropped money in to the case I looked down to see some ones a few tens and one twenty.

I then played out "Living In Your Words." by Rebecca Black and "Not your Mamma's Broken Heart" by Miranda Lambert.By the end of the lunch hour I had made 79 dollars and 53 cents. I smiled and packed up before heading back to the foster home with Grace. 

When I got back all the little kids were just getting ready for a nap when Ashlynn ran up to me and begged me to sing a song to them before they went to bed. I agreed after a lot of begging and three pairs of puppy dog eyes. I finally pulled out my guitar and began to sing one of thier favorites,"The Climb" by Miley Cyrus. I finished in a half sing half whisper because they had all just dozed off. I smiled and stood up walking out of the room and downstairs into the family room.

Grace, Jakob, James, Kristyn, Anthony, Samantha were all sitting around in front of the tv me and James had come together to get for everyone last Christmas. I sat down and right away Kristyn, Grace, and Samantha all started screaming their heads off. All the boys and me sorta jumped back at the sudden noise. I then shushed them and pointed upstairs. 

They immediately stopped screaming but continued to jump around the room.

"What are you guys all hyped up about?!" I ask in curiosity and they all stop dead in their tracks.

"You're kidding right?" Kristyn asked as if she thought it was all just a huge joke.

"Um,no." I replied.

"One Direction is Coming to town to have a concert!" they all exclaimed at once, causing me to shush them again.

"Oh you mean that peppy boy band?"

They just looked at me like I was some crazy person. I just looked back like they were equally as crazy. Grace then walked up to me and gave me the puppy dog eyes.

"Can we please go? It can be my birthday present and my Christmas present from you!" she begged.

"Ours to!" Samantha and Kristyn asked in unison.

I looked at all of them and mentally calculated some off the financial expenses in my head. If I did cut out six presents that might be able to make up some of the money and I suppose I could play a few more times a day.

"I'll see what I can do..." I said after a moment of silence. The girls then enveloped me in a large hug.

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