What just happen?

I'm Liam Payne's sister. I got long blonde hair that is alway down I have side bangs and the tips of my hair are brown. No one knows about me because Liam didn't want anybody to know. I hate One Direction, all because of my brother. And my life just went form bad to worse. My parents just died and they where the world to me they were the only people how knew about me beside my brother. - Chase Payne


6. Chapter 6

Chase's P.O.V

At noon Louis said the all the pop was gone.So we decided to go out to eat for lunch. "were are we going?" Niall asked in the back seat. "We're going to this nice little restraint called Saudis." I said for the fourth time. We got there and I had to pull in the back."Okay lets go." I said getting out of the car. They all go out. Liam was at my right next to him was Niall and on my left the was Louis and next to him was Harry and next to him was Zayn. Who had been silent the whole time. Liam pulled me into an hug and the was a flash. "Crap." Zayn whispered. "They have a pic of you and Chase." Niall said. "I'm sorry Chase I guess the world will find out about you sooner hen I thought." Liam said in me ear.

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